Stitches Likes The P So Much He’d Go Gay For It [VIDEO]

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  • smith jones

    Wildest shit I did was buy a bitch a snack wrap from McDonald’s and got the pussy… I’m old school. In my day this would be #whatwouldyoudoformydick challenge…

    But guess that don’t sound as cool

    • Conner

      Haha thats some good shit

  • Young

    issa ray has better flows then this goomba. white boys are too lame.

  • Astronaut

    Most extreme thing ive done for the P is quit my game of 2k for it, besides that I aint worried bout these hoes. Aint no P on a pedestal around me.

    • perfect


    • G.O.A.T

      I feel you but i still wouldnt quit my 2k game ma nigga lol hell na! I play online, imma finish that shit!!

  • LoveBoat2smooth

    Am I stupid or is this man’s face tats on opposite sides

  • Amanwithnoname101

    Rap figure?

    • perfect

      Thats what I said. Clown? yes Rap figure? no. far from it.

  • kushxchevys

    Prolly drove a lil way for some pussy..

    Pussys only pussy and i get it when i need it

  • bruh need to just gone and come out the closet lol

  • Matt Leon

    Wildest thing I did for it, stick the tip into a girl on a park bench. It was her idea, not mine