Stevie J Facing Two Years In Prison For Owing Over A Million In Child Support

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  • I always hated this nigga…

  • TChiTown

    I’m sorry but I love the shenanigans of this ratchet azz nigga. This train wreck has no shame. He do all the greasy azz shit niggas think about doing but don’t . Now I know in this age of reality tv, being “extra” enhances viewership which translates to dollars. But I truly believe when the cameras is off, Sleezo still gives zero fuks.

  • CG3000

    This is why no matter how much success he has and money he makes he will still never be more than a piece of shit and always less than a man. Its because of dudes like him that people think all black males do not support their kids. I will never have to pay child support because my kids are with me and I am with them and my wife. Thats true wealth.