Steph Curry & Kyrie Irving Mock Lebron James At Wedding [VIDEO]

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  • imaginationsequation

    People mad a Durant but talking shIt about Kyrie…….

  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    lmao its still beyond me on who would want to be traded out of a finals every year situation? the scrutiny he’d face if he gets traded and don’t make the playoffs will be real

    • NYCityKid

      Especially if he come to the Knicks and don’t get there.

      • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

        dont you think he’d just be another melo type player? offensively talented, could do better on defense. would kyrie really make the difference?

        • NYCityKid

          Nah not from a PG perspective, you’re right tho I see him doing a lot of iso’s like he do in Cleaveland but it should be different because he’s a PG at the end of the day where as Melo don’t pass at all and he don’t pass on time.

    • Gr8ness

      Don’t really matter cause after LeBron leaves next year he won’t be making the finals for a while anyway if he stays.

    • Shaun

      Exactly. I feel like he’s letting his personal issues get in the way of the real goal. Fuck all that ” treating me like a son “bs, just talk it out like men and go to the dam finals next season.

  • Live and Prosper

    The NBA is starting to resemble a drama series, like LHH & Real Housewives

  • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

    Kyrie wil never b respected amongst players again.. shit makin it look like he didnt play d on purpose now

  • tmgz

    shows their lack of maturity and class..They wish they were half the man Lebron is ..sincerely neutral fan..

  • Food4Thought

    It’s one thing for Kyrie to have beef with Lebron as a man which is fine,but when you’re hanging out with your arch nemesis and allowing them to clown the dude you went to battle with..Not cool..Kyrie ain’t got high blood pressure yet from all that salt in his system?

    • flex

      Yeah I lost a lot of respect for him on this move. You and lebron went to batte and you mock him with the arch rival. Damn

  • Leekluv216

    Kyrie has always been this way. Before Bron came back to Cleveland, Kyrie was beefing with Waiters. He gave the Cavs an ultimatum “him or me” one of have to go. He has always wanted to be “that dude”. He’ll win plenty of scoring titles…I hope he’s content with those titles lol

  • Leekluv216

    Can’t even argue with that homeboy, true indeed.

  • Kyrie I lost respect for you I don’t know who worse him or kd you asked lebron come to the land wtf lol