Starlito and Post Malone Go At It Over ‘White Iverson’

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  • Rome

    That dude sound lowkey jealous af like a lil bitch so he had to pull the “appropriating black culture bullshit. They bitched bout Justin Timberlake when he went and became all R&B

    • G.O.A.T


    • col892

      You clearly missed his point lol…stop tryna be such an apologist and so quick to jump to the jealousy conclusion

      • The Incredible

        Enlighten us as to what his point is. Because he doesn’t really seem to have a real argument with this one.

    • Myleage

      JT been R&B. NSync was Pop AND R&B hence why they did so well.

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    I see Starlito’s point but no need to cause controversy over it… People will do what they want no matter how you feel.

    • BDrivens

      thats what other rappers go thru when they do these interviews and allow blogs, websites, magazines to scew their words. this is why alot of artists prefer to just not do any interviews

  • THAchosenONE86

    dude buggin….john stockton and iverson are 2 total opposites….he kinda has a point but the popularity with AI went beyond the court where as Stockton was strictly on the court although he was a class-act as well. post was kinda right he is ignorant

  • Terenzo

    lmao Lito career over tho? Lito can end post malone career if he wanted too LITO AND DON TRIP SONG step bros3 Bot the Industry explains Post Malone perfect but y’all continue to say oh lito is ignorant etc etc.Nah he spoke his mind and Got his point Proven oh yea you think Lito give a fuck bout going gold?HELL NO he had a deal with cash money when he was 19 writing lyrics for wayne he say it all the time i can give a fuck bout fame mentions etc etc.

    • ShaneM34

      Regardless of litos talent he couldn’t end posts career if he tried

      • Terenzo

        you seem drunk asf

      • SlimJuve25

        your right cause no matter how bad he sounds white people will support him, hopefully he is smart enough not to say anything on track, if he does all-star will make him look stupid

        • ShaneM34


        • Terenzo

          9/10 my guess is Malone might attempt it try say some slick on a track and then Lito will just gone end his shit with a few bars and Lito got white supporters as well only the young generation support Malone honestly but most them know bout lito as well

    • Stone Cold

      How much money do you think he made from that cash money deal?

      • NYCityKid


      • Terenzo

        I know he barley making any never said he was getting check after check yet after that deal every since He been getting getting checks from them for all the shit he wrote for wayne and possibly a few others but Money has none to do with him being able end Malone career

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    I mean, it’s definitely cultural appropriation. But oh well, what are you gonna do? This shit been going on for decades, centuries even. Post and Iggy aren’t the first. Life is life….There’s nothing you can do about it.

    • ThaBayToast

      It’s not appropriation. It’s you being racist and wanting to limit what a human being does based on the level of melanin in their skin.

      • SlimJuve25

        it is but white people always see it a different way, like when you guys say racist shit followed by saying you aren’t racist things you do

    • youknow

      foh this aint no cultural appropriation it’s 2017 hiphop has become everyone’s culture regardless of their race.

  • Triple O

    Lil B already said he looked like John Stockton…as well as Jesus Christ and Paris Hilton. How come this loser didn’t call that cultural appropriation?

    • Lord_Farquad

      Well, to be fair, if you were trying to reverse the situation. it’d have to be somebody “white” calling Lil’ B out for “cultural appropriation”. But I’m just splitting hairs…don’t mind me.

  • Prynce Cortel Media

    Regardless of whether it’s how he felt about it, Lito’s comments make him atleast in my eyes a hypocrite considering that “Step Brothers” cover is a variation of a promo flier of the Step Brothers movie, so tbh his efforts fit into the Culture Appropriation as well. But just as everyone else he only spoke up about the white boy

    • SlimJuve25

      lmao “tbh his efforts fit into the Culture Appropriation as well” 1st time i have heard black people calling each other step brothers is white culture appropriation, guess only white people have step brothers, you would have a point if their name was black step brothers

      • Prynce Cortel Media

        Not at at what I was saying lol

  • CO Killer

    I know the white boy but wtf is a starlito?

    • SlimJuve25

      i know who all-star is but i don’t know who the white boy is, big difference between people who love rap an people who listen to it around their friend to make it seem like they are cool

      • CO Killer

        And you felt the need to tell me this because?

  • Controversy wins

  • Starlito went looking for a reaction and got one, but Post Malone still came out of it looking better.

  • You mad huh?

    why would you even argue with a guy that made a song called white iverson? hes already silly. dont argue with stupid people…….ever lol…dont do it!!! lmao

  • BeenASavage

    Shit we all know why he hating. Lmao.

  • CDot

    But who is starlito???

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Jealous as nigga, He’s like a little kid going to a Birthday of another kid and being upset because they are getting attention and having this cake and eating it too.

  • Mikejones

    i mean i get lito’s point but its all in bad taste you consider it bigotry but he didn’t talk about any of the ignorant or hood shit most rappers get into, the song was an ode to his favorite basketball player looks like you are trying to work an angle of reverse racism ; y’all forgetting black is the new cool to these wiggers