Spike Lee Defends Nick Cannon And Blasts Chicago’s Rap ‘Savages’

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  • ilikemusic.

    He’s correct. The drill scene lives in it’s own world of false popularity. They’re dominating the underground but non of that will ever come to fruition because, like Spike said, having alot of bodies and being a savage don’t mean shit. Nick Cannon has money….alot of it. They’re jealous. simple

    • Grey

      That is the truest fucking shit. All these gangsta thug bitches need to fall over. There is no place for this thuggery in society anymore.

    • Antonio Corleone

      They Could Always Challenge That Nigga To A Boxing Match Like He Did Eminem Or Jay Did Nas & See How Savage Niggaz Really Is If They Think He Soft Like That…Haha

  • Hunnedbound

    Lmaooo bruh mad…foh stay tfoh…nobody jealous of nick cannon we been living this kind of lifestyle and it sickens me how now everybody wants to finally say something and do something like you all actually give a fuck about them folks…the ones that got bodies are either apart of the Neverending cycle of vengeance set by the old heads of the city, or come from extremely broken homes and look for new family amongst gangs and proving loyalty is never the easy part, i don’t care what you say i lived it and it’s truly a whole different world out there in those hoods but shit the old heads started the shit , got locked up and left us without proper guidance and knowledge, because of snakes in the family. ..the game real, but don’t knock it until you try it

    • CLOVER•

      People who are on the outside looking in will never understand. What you just stated holds weight my nigga and niggas in that lifestyle or niggas who lived that life or are about the life understand and could relate.

      • Murder One

        LOL. So you guys can relate to a parasitic lifestyle that destroys communities more than you can relate to common sense?

        • Antonio Corleone

          Isn’t That The American Way? We’ve Always Been Parasites….We Destroy Communities Around The World & Tell Them Its For Their Own Good…Haha

          • Murder One

            Can’t argue with that. Lol. That’s 100% accurate.

        • CLOVER•

          It takes a different type of nigga to realize and rise above it.

  • 129 Dead PIG SKIN Peckerwoods

    You can’t cast a movie about a dangerous life and use someone who’s never lived it. It doesn’t look authentic. And now he’s deflecting to bashing Chicago people about their lifestyle…. kind of like how pig skin peckerwoods deflect to Chicago gang violence as a way to excuse their mass murder culture and their war against Islam (which they’re losing, by the way).

    • Craig

      Wait, I thought thats why its called acting. Most people who play the roles never lived that life…. Lorenz Tate… not really O dog in real life….. Idris Alba not really Striker from the wire…. Mekhi Phifer and Wood Harris…. not really Alpo and Rich porter Toby McGuire not really spiderman… you know acting…

      • NYCityKid

        I ain’t even think that had to be explained dog. Like isn’t that common sense?

        • Craig

          Not for everybody

        • guysmoothingtin

          Personally I just think Nick Cannon is just not anyones first pick at all. They should have found homie from The Wood

      • deethedon

        Smh thanks craig

      • myonlycomment.

        They way the guy has more than a few likes just proves a bunch lol smh

      • nick1296

        This would matter if the film was for entertainment purposes only. This movie is being used in a serious way to interpret Chicago gang violence. So yes, your actors should be either apart of this culture or atleast have dealt with it. How are you going to attempt to make a movie about the way to fix Chicago problems without people that have even dealt with it or know anything about it aside from whats on tv?

        • Craig

          That is why the directors and producers and script writers hire consultants. ….. the consultants help with the authenticity and they work with the actors to coach them in a way that makes it work. … because you could hire Frank Lucas to play himself but because he is not an actor he would not have the camera presence and timing to make it look authentic on camera. … again menace to society was no different than this movie. … matter of fact menace was not a satire so it had to be way more gritty to depict that life. … but looked I said Lorenz Tate didn’t live a life that’s close to the character he played but. …. he made us believe during that movie that he was that dude. A good actor is supposed to be able to make you believe the role and normally they will execute depending on the research and guidance given in preparation for that role

          • nick1296

            I agree with you except for the fact that Menace II Society wasnt used to learn how to “fix” a problem. It was to tell a story. Chiraq was used to try and give some outrageous solution to a serious problem in Chicago. You cant talk about “fixing” a problem without even having people who know anything about the problem. And if this were really about fixing a problem then the fluidity or camera presence are things that shouldnt matter.

          • Craig

            It may not have offered a solution but I do believe they tried to bring awareness to the fact that high school aged black youths were out here losing their lives for nothing. … and still are. .. but I get what you are saying. .. respect the intelligent debate though. … that’s rare in these comments

          • nick1296


          • Michael R. Moore

            Yeah , spike didnt hire any consultants, or writers from Chicago. This is why the movie is off target.

      • flex

        Come on man don’t patronize him. You know the point he’s trying to make. The Chicago situation is real life. Not a joke or a movie. It’s still happening RIGHT NOW. Unlike comic book Spiderman or fictional movies removed from reality.

        Spike should have put a little more due diligence in. I feel what you’re saying though, but I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to understand the point he was trying to make. This movie could have been much much more

    • Phillip Narcisse

      He is thelling the rruth killing people and bragging is coward shit

    • Chris Fleming

      You must of hated “Striaght outta Compton ” , along with 99% of all movies then . lol Its called acting for a reason ….Smh

    • Don’t be afraid

      Surface point youre making. Doesnt mean shit in the grand scheme of things. Why hasn’t Chicago done a movie to try and curb the Gun violence then. Now all of a sudden Spike comes through, trying to help the cause. And yah bitch about it. If you don’t like it. DO SOMETHING. . Besides killing your own. Fuck outta here with the bullshit. Props Spike.

      • nick1296

        You’ve clearly never seen “The Field” or “Welcome to Chiraq” etc. dont speak on shit that has to do with Chicago when you clearly dont know shit about it. Niggas from Chicago arent just gonna come out and make block buster movies, fuck are you even talking about?

        • Don’t be afraid

          True .. you make a good point. What’s the link to your films. I’ll support.

    • umm yes you can. its a movie, movies have these things called actors. step it up troll

    • Ay its B ya see

      This is coming from a young black man in STL.. You saying things like pl”pig skin peckerwoods” is the problem. Is it OK when a white man refers to black people as niggers? No its not. And if you live in The USA then its your war too. Don’t be part of the problem. Help find out the solution

      • Antonio Corleone

        The Problem Is That U Believe Peaceful Protesting & Fighting Fire With Leaves Will Work….All Respect To Brother MLK But He Protesting Peacefully & They Still Killed Him…It Wasn’t The Protests That Got Shit Done Eventually…It Was The Riots After They Killed Him That Did Cause The Government Was Taking Hits From All The Destruction & Violence It Created…Similar To The ’92 LA Riots B4 The Military Showed Up…Haha..Black People Doing Peaceful Protests About Violence & Its Still An Issue…They Say “Oh It Ain’t Doing NOthing” Then Only Mention Chicago Violence For Every Situation When They Do Or Rationalize Racial Crimes With “Black People Kill People Everyday” When That Shit Ain’t The Issue…It’s Senseless Killings Being Justified By The Law & A Jury Of An Individual’s Peers Due To Stereotypes Based On Race…Everytime A Black Guy Is Senseless Killed By A White Guy, They Find Some Way To Criminalize That Man In The Media…He Smoked Weed, Got Suspended From School Once, Got Arrested For Jaywalking, His Baby Mama Smoke Crack, His Family Members In A Gang Or Some BS…

        • Ay its B ya see

          I hear what you’re saying. But it ain’t all black people are good and all white people are bad. And its not the other way around. Every race has its good and every race has its bad. But we are all brothers under the stars decided by imaginary borders. When we realize that, the world will be a better place

          • Craig


    • myonlycomment.

      Lol spike Lee didn’t shoot a rap video son .

    • atown7475

      I don’t think AL Pacino ever caught a body before he was casted as Scarface. Nor did the guy that played Marlo or Omar in The Wire.

    • Chris Veal

      and there it is…. the dumbest thing I’ve read all day….. yeah cuz Joe Pesci, DeNiro,Pacino,Christopher Walken, James Gandolfini.Joe Viterlli, james caan, tony sirico, the list goes on and on have never given authentic preformances of a dangerous lifestyle.No one thought Heath Ledger was going to be a good joker when it was announced either give him a chance… … . ps good attempt at trying to sneak that last little bit in there about “mass murder culture and the war on Islam” for the love of god stay on topic….. not everything about Islam we talking about a spike lee film…..so much fail in this post….


    • Thomas read

      I understand what you are saying but 99% of movies are not authentic, spike Lee isn’t trying to make a action block buster, he’s try to inspire people to stop the blooshed.

    • fillmo

      Man you ain’t black quit fronting cause ain’t no real nigga gon say no shit like that talking bout you should cast a person who living it not some actor like Nick Cannon man I smell a CIA agent on here trying to talk some ignorant savage shit and have young niggas thinking being a savage is cool bad enough we saying nigga every 5 minutes fuck a savage kill yourself. I ain’t glorifying no kind of violence especially black on black violence.

    • ultimateboss

      What your trying to say is ……based on his career as an actor, he’s typed cast as the funny guy vs having that Dynamic range like a Denzel or idris.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Man speaks the truth, if you have a problem with the movie, then don’t go see it. I don’t see any of these rappers giving back to the community, trying to change people minds on how everyone sees and protrays Chicago. The same people who doesn’t agree with the movie, protrays what this movie is about. Paying bills, taking care of your kids, having good credit, money saved up, taking care of business is called being a man or woman. Try that, fuck alllllll that “savage” shit!

  • Chance the Rapper is a ‘Rap Savage’?

  • topgunn

    Duck all them chicgao rappers spike Lee richer than them and gonna be around more than any of them rappers talking down

  • nic cannon is wack for sure, and im not a fan of his acting. but he doesnt suck because he isnt a savage lol

    • HotlineQueef


  • HotlineQueef

    this ole turtle lookin ass nigger

  • MrMc Clay

    Chicago rappers are dumb the film is trying to stop the killing.

    • KingFewcha

      but it looks so stupid. the message is cool i guess but the way they are going about it is dumb as fuck

      • MrMc Clay

        You right.

  • bigwangslanger

    Fuck Chicago! City of pussy niggas!

    • Lou Chini

      Come to Chicago and say that shit

      • bigwangslanger

        Nigga I’m at E Foreman Dr in Chicago right now, I’m a internet gangster boy I will mess u up bihh! Come see me boy

        • Lou Chini

          You a fuckin troll, get a life

  • highgeorgebush

    Nigga FUCK Nick Cannon…
    And fuck Spike Lee, old do the right thing looking ass nigga

    • Sam Toliver

      That’s wrong to do?

  • Areemjay

    I think this movie should have just been about the real city. The wire wasnt made to make baltimore better. It was to show yu whats really going on. If they made the wire about “hope” there’d be no difference than it is now. Its just as fucked up here as its ever been. So his movie trying to help the city out is actually bullshit. He just wanted to make a movie that everyone would talk about

    • Areemjay

      David Simon would have done a much better job

  • Keon05

    Spike lee kinda sound like star

  • 80bands

    Nick cannon ..lol..why he didn’t get Steve urkel

  • Soxx Mcephe

    these monkeys really have problems…… ya’ll would not survive a day in the streets of Nigeria , Congo or even South Africa and here you are texting all sorts bullshit about Authenticity of acting as a killer of your fellow black brothers , white people must be laughing at this crap you do how can you stand up against racial crimes and police violence if ya’ll be killing each other ??? THINK!! HOW DO U EMPOWER YOU SON IN BEING A SAVAGE? , WHAT LEGACY DO U LEAVE YOUR GRAND KIDS WITH BEING A MURDERER…… **LE DI ROTA QHA!!!! **

    • kautious18

      Arent africans killing africans over n the streets of Nigeria-congo- and south africa? What reasons would a black person have-not to survive one day over in africa—hypocrite

  • John Best

    He’s just on the other end of the idiot spectrum that the savages are on. With probably Chance the Rapper in the middle making way too much sense to have articles written about his thoughts….. (this is a hip hop website, not a hollywood one).

  • manwhore

    Like Jay-Z said ” It’s only entertainment”

  • EmceeChen

    I don’t think they wanted someone who had a bunch of bodies to have the role I think they just thought it was comical that nick cannon was the tough guy in the movie. they were more upset by the fact that it was a movie saying that if these women didn’t have sex, then their sons or brothers or dads wouldn’t have died. just kind of tries to simplify it too much I think. also idk why he’s saying chance is a savage, chance is one of the most woke people in the game

  • I really want anybody who agrees with these niggas in Chiraq to tell me where he wrong? Chief Keef blew up that nigga moved to into a mansion far away from the south side. He now live in the Hollywood Hills and afraid to come back to Chicago cuz he’ll go to jail. Real niggas a real savage would be in Chicago right now. Fuck a warrant. But no he not stupid and like his freedom. None of those niggas talking would be in Chicago in the fucking hood of the south side if they money was right and afford the the opportunity to not be there. I know people who live in chiraq scared to death to be there and can’t afford to go nowhere else. This is meant to be inspirational its not supposed to be realistic. But the message is accountability. And people need to be to produce change. You think that Lil boy who got executed by gangbangers would rather be alive and grow to pursue his dreams or a tattoo on somebody arm and his face on a t-shirt? You got to focus on the message of the film

  • artie

    Nick Cannon is from the town, don’t get it twisted Southside Chicago to southeast San Diego, to south central lost Angeles to south side Jamaica queens to south Philly it’s all the same story. Whole bunch of brainwashed niggas smoking each other. Stop trying to check the elders and check yoself.

  • yung’n realtalk

    just accept the fact that movie wwas L..