Spider Loc & 50 Cent Fight Over 50’s Hating Ways

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  • kushxchevys

    Spiderloc trash

  • Gr8ness

    Anybody with a brain knew spiderloc garbage ass wasn’t gonna drop no records on g unit. On top of that game buried his ass on 250 bars. There was no coming back after that.

  • Jodeci Cashmoney Parker

    That song Spiderloc had with the video with the blue on sounded like it was straight but im siding with 50. And i know i know it sounds like im bias because 50 one of my favorite artist but 50 just sound like he speaking from a place of facts. Like 50 said in the video its not the labels responsibility to get the artist to pop (no more).

  • fonzo517

    who cares. i can’t even remember one spider loc track

  • Mike

    Loc u really believed you were there for rapping hell no you were there as a shooter