Sounwave Clarifies Tweet That Led To Second Kendrick Album Theory

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  • Astronaut

    Clear publicity stunt

  • Theophrastus Compactus

    His subreddit is currently in pandemonium , various second album theories have surfaced over there. Whether or not they hold any substance is Another issue.

    Best wishes
    Theophrastus Compactus

    • Poopmaster

      Lol nigga what the fuck you on? We just some hood niggas.

      Best wishes
      poopie master…lol foh!

  • bawse

    anyone think kendrick stole Drakes sound and flow on GOD track?

    • T guest

      Lol naahh not even close

      • Radivojević

        He did.

  • lyric _

    shouldn’t of been any speculation anyways. another album is damn near too good to be true.