Soulja Boy Claims He Slapped Gillie Da Kid; Gillie Da Kid Says No Way

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  • Baby Money


  • “I dont have time to deal with lilly the squid”…or soulja boy they both irrelevant and cant rap at all

  • DeAndre

    Why is Gillie picking on Soulja Boy? Don’t Gillie know one call to 50 from SB and it’s a different ball game lol

  • YoungPrime

    Fast Forward: Rich White people got annoyed…Cops shot’em both. The end. Now in real hiphop news….

    • KendrickAintShit


  • rj

    Yeah right, not in the UAE. Stupid ass niggas. I been there and you ain’t doin shit like that unless you wanna be in a foreign prison

  • Wack as fuck

    C’mon maaaaaaaaane… Everybody know Soulja boy soft as Drake dipped in baby shit…

    • Mickey Fincher Kelz

      cmon b isnt gillie just as soft for this??? Soulja boy punked him real shit and i believe he smacked him lmao

      • Wack as fuck

        You really think Soulja Boy smacked him? He seem like his swings land like wet toilet paper lol. I don’t like either of them, but I know S
        oulja Boy is Angel Soft.

  • Mickey Fincher Kelz

    this shit is so funny i swear to God;.. niggas are so bitchmade on the net.. Gillie and Soulja runnin around Dubai acting ignorant for the world to see.

  • Mickey Fincher Kelz

    Soulja really smacked that nigga Gillies lucky he aint catch it on vid lmaolmfao

  • Robert Williams

    Niggas go to the one of the best places on earth and act like this. Waste of fame and money…..SMH

    • ddice

      What do you expect.. There dumb coon.. That’s what happens when you let monkeys out the cage. I’m entertained..

  • Drew Mann

    If two black men were fighting in front of that hotel you wouldn’t here about it, they’d be jailed immediately and indefinitely. People get 20 year sentences for a handful of hydrocodone over there. Think our legal system, but the sentences are 10 times that no matter who you are. Schedule 2 drugs aren’t even allowed into the country, and painkillers and Adderall are unheard of. Even in hospice your only getting tramadol bro. Harshest and most restrictive legal system in the world bar none, except for Sharia, but everyone knows that was made up by a schizophrenic towel wearing pedophile who raped and torchered women, men, children, and animals while trying to spread his name all over northern Africa and the middle east. Thank god the white man finally stopped his attempts in Europe.

  • Pflyyy

    I was there…working security…Soulja Boy Smacked the shit outta this nigga. Then they both kissed and hung out like it was nothing.