Soulja Boy Apologizes For Message Saying He Was About To Die

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  • ilikemusic.

    Soulja Boy still has fans??? Da Fuq am I doing at this office job. They letting everyone win

    • #Worklife

      For real

  • David T. Farrar

    he need to start rappin like how he talks n then he would sell

  • Gi Gi Harmony

    Soulja Boy please support Justice for Jessica Chambers in Courtland!

  • Rhymeschemin

    aw fuck i gotta return the cake I just bought

  • Leftty


  • Just Los

    poor soulja boy, ppl tend to forget how tough it is making waAy more u should by taking 1 small piece of shit –> gift-wrap that shit –> serve to the people. its a tough game making money through the manifacture processing and distribution of pure bullshit.

    • Just Los

      reading my comment i think im going too hard on the poor kid it must be all this new fame this year that got to him, hes got too many billboards this year thats why he lost it. plus, not to mention his record company is pure quality got the best artist in the game rite now it must be stressful running such a successful label.