Snoop Dogg’s ‘Cool-Aid’ Album Is Stacked With Guest Features

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  • frankwhitedc

    First . Snoop need either beats by Dr Dre. Or beats by da pound for it 2 be a classic . His real style

    • Mike Donovan

      we dont need no beats by dre. Niggas production is not crazy and has not been really since the chronic. Problem is can these niggas make sounds that are relevant to now while keeping their method in tact

      • frankwhitedc


  • Jared Morales

    Where is Daz & Kurupt.. and most importantly why no productions from Daz or Fredwreck.. Snoop has all the money in the world and he keeps paying people for their Janky ass beats, which are beyond horrible. Man up Snoop! Get back with Dr. Dre and That P.o.u.n.d.

    • Neighborhood Soup..

      My thoughts exactly. WTF is on his mind? If he’s supposedly rappin’ again then he needs Daz, FredWreck, Soopafly etc. I’m sure it would come out like that G-shit we been lookin for

  • basedcharley


  • Reginald Alexander

    If he pull another fuck snoop lion moment on this album it will b anther disappointment… Trying to follow the vision, but keep letting me down, so Idk about this one especially since none of his day 1’s isn’t doing the production

  • Ben Minix

    God I hope swizz beatz is just producing those three songs. He’s so annoying when he tries rap

  • Qland Regina

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  • Astronaut

    Snoop ik you an OG and shiit but you claimed to be on that positive shiit. Why the Crip sign in the back?

  • Micheal Owen

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