Snoop Dogg Says DJs Are Rewarding Mediocre Music

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  • ilikemusic.

    Coolaid was fire

    • BrodieThaGod

      Can’t lie, I didn’t even give it a listen but I’ve never been a huge Snoop fan.

      • OHBoy330

        Not even Doggystyle???

      • Stavros Hölbling

        Snoop has his moments, doggystyle was awesome, but his albums are always waaaay to long and not everything on them is great. last thing I heard from him that I really liked was tha blue carpet treatment in 06 or something… that was VERY dope, but with some filler songs too

  • These days it’s BEATS>Lyrical Content, Good beats and a mumbling simp repeating lame hooks for 3/4 of the song… Back in the day it was both.

    • Stavros Hölbling

      21 savage was like that for me. but then again, I cant tell if a rapper has “street credibility”, and that probably matters too (along with connections)

  • Dj Insane

    one thing, he is doing business with the wrong DJ. He needs to come talk to me and I’ll show him some fire ass music. I don’t spin garbage! #djinsane512

  • Vince Savage

    shit he got it easier than the average indie artist

    • Stavros Hölbling

      yeah but hes a legend so I understand why hes kinda mad

      • Vince Savage


  • Stavros Hölbling

    21 savage the best example of this..

  • Anthony Mitchell

    snoop cant act like he was super lyrical though lol

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    I think he’s right about certain shit not getting played because I randomly listened to that Isa Muhammed joint from MMG yesterday and that tape is highly highly underrated..Hell it’s NOT rated at all because nobody listened to it. I would not lie to you, that shit flames…Quite a few joints on there that go…

  • James McCullen Destro

    maybe them Dj’s cant forgive that he dropped a “reggae” album then talked positivity then went back to that “gangsta” shit. Or maybe cause the first track he annoyingly keeps calling himself a Legend.

  • big brain

    Younger generation ain’t feeling snoop like that, They like E40 more. Snoop has to do music with young generation.


    Snoop Dog a pioneer, but it’s a generational thing. He already got rich, it’s time for new gen to make some doe. His last album sounded like he recorded it in 24 hours on one mic setting- echo. It takes 8 songs in with Wiz to feel some life….sounds uninspired. Doesn’t give anything new to the game or a grown up perspective of the in’s’ and outs, down and ups of life. The sound is bland. Last time I felt snoop was on the Rob bass remix..also rhythm album and ‘drop it like it’s hot’. .. nothing memorable or quotable since then. He just gotta concentrate maybe one song a month for 1 year… he might have 12 dope sings for an album that’s worth time listening too.


    Everytime I get on this website… nothing but virus attack on mobile. Crazy viruses

  • LoveBoat2smooth

    The public is promoting mediocre rap that’s why the dj plays the shit.