Snoop Dogg Criticized For Shooting Donald Trump In Video

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  • You mad huh?

    Oh fucking brother. America should be criticized for letting a celebrity with no political background win the election even with speculation of cheating.

  • d1gord

    I just find it cool that ice T and Treach hanging together

  • Thee_One1

    Good for Snoop

  • dablack

    lmao its music its art, gtfoh with that “this is very troubling” nigga whaaat

    • FireKraker

      in most other situations, i’d say it was just art. Mimicking the murder of the POTUS on a screen, regardless of anybody feels about the person holding that office, is something else entirely. If a skinhead punk artist did the same thing to a blackfaced caricature of Obama in a music video, there wouldn’t be a single black person who would view it as harmless art. I like Snoop, but this is just another example of how he never thinks about what he’s doing/saying when he’s feeling some kind of way over something.

      • Thee_One1

        true BUT influential people outside of the music when Obama was in office threatneed to kill him. So to me I promote what snoop is doing.

        • smarter than you

          News anchors aren’t influential people? Do they not influence people’s idea of what is reality and what is not? Your argument is pointless it’s the same thing bruh.

          • Thee_One1

            HUH..i dont think you understood what i said but all good. We pretty much in agreement and you are arguing me down lol.

          • smarter than you

            Might have my bad. Player fuck up too. Lol.

      • smarter than you

        But the news showed white people with obama dummies hanging in a noose on more than one occasion for the entire world to see both of his terms. What’s the difference? Oh because he’s snoop huh? Or is it to drum up some sort of false victimization by the media to sympathize to white people? It’s a bunch of bullshit that’s what it is. Don’t forget the people who have killed Presidents in this country in real life were white people. So if Trump is killed we know who did it lol.

  • Supreme Trunks

    You know it’s kinda funny. Here is Snoop, one of the pioneers of gangster rap, gets a little shine and commercialization…and somehow people forget who he was. Why do people expect someone from the streets (who glorifies speaking how they feel) to be politically correct all the time?

  • YoungPrime

    Fcuk Trump!

  • Adlaker12

    WTH! I thought it was some graphic shooting. That was nothing.