Snoop Dogg Calls Bruce [Caitlyn] Jenner “Science Project”

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  • shamar jones

    That picture was out before Snoop Posted it mfs really mad about it. It’s sad how society wants to glorify a he, she coming out and changing himself, Can you believe they actually consider this mf a hero fuck that the real heroes are the “men and women” overseas in the military risking their lives for us

    • Junko Mihori

      Damn. Real knowledge being shared right here. Remember when media only wanted to cover Paris Hilton going to jail and not so much the final NASA space mission? Media is really bad at what they do.

    • ftuncukcryarwost

      Lol@risking their lives for us.


  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    That shit is kind of like a gone bad lab experiment though.

  • Joseph Rosello

    fucking faggot!!!! burn mf, burn!””

  • John Best

    hahahah its pretty funny

  • Cassandra

    If Bruce Jenner was a Black man I wonder how all your opinions would be. HMMMMMMM

    • party mari

      Are u old enough to remember Michael Jackson? Stop it.

      • Cassandra

        Lmao sure am. I just find it hilarious how people can be such hypocrites.

    • Camryn

      Ever heard of Laverne Cox? A transgender woman who the public ADORES and glorifies just as much, if not more than Jenner. That’s how.

      • Cassandra

        Laverne from orange is the new black is gorgeous I know who that is. It is mind boggling how people are throwing so much shade at caitlyn jenner like what is the problem , there is no need to be acting ignorant and rude.

  • party mari

    Back down for what.. Stop being pussy america… U don’t want nobody to see nor comment.. Privacy is always an option ya know?

  • BeyoncesButthole

    How is cutting your dick off and taking estrogen to change your entire hormonal structure not a science project? Somebody fucking explain that to me.

  • ThaBayToast

    He prolly will have to back down eventually. It’s a great example of the ignorance and immaturity of the black community. Homophobia, trans-phobia, and being the boy who cried wolf for racial injustice are things our culture must transcend. It’s a bad look to tear down the civil rights struggle of another to promote your own.

  • TheKingShaun

    This is gross. Props to Akon for doing his thing out there for his people. Snoop right tho, nigga getting the spotlight cause he decided to change genders? Why does it matter ? Let that would’ve been Denzel or Will Smith doing that shit , bet it’d be a whole different story .

  • Hawaiian Mafia

    Illuminati……..need I say more. Evil walks of life all shapes and colors all races, they cast darkness on to mans good will and illuminate the wrong. God Blessed Akon to bless others he actually realized that. S/O to Bizzle Christian Rapper who etherd rick Ross and jay z. His in Africa building drinking wells off his album sales money.

  • Y10NRDY

    I used to eat cereal from a box with this person’s face on it. Wheaties will never be the same.

    • Y10NRDY

      That said, let the rich old queen do what she wants to do. Who cares? Hero? I don’t know. I’m pretty sure Bruce/Caitlyn did this for him/herself regardless of the effect it might have on his/her family. I get that he/she’s taking a bold step forward but how much of it is for transgendered people and how much of it is just for Bruce/Caitlyn?

      This is all just rhetoric. IMHO, people have the right do do whatever shit floats their boat as long as it’s not fucking up someone else’s game. That’s just me, though.

  • anonymoususer0002

    Just like he’s entitled to live his life, he’s a public figure and therefore has made it so others can also have an opinion of him. They didn’t have to call him a science project but given the family’s background…well, aren’t they all science projects in a way? (Think about it). Not to be rude but I just can’t take these people seriously. And why the hell should a man be glorified for wanting to be a woman? What is so damn ‘heroic’ about that? I don’t get it. I’m by no means homophobic or against transgender people, I just don’t get why his transition is such a big deal.

  • Y10NRDY

    This was a little out-of-character for Snoop, though. Big Homie’s been such a positive force in music for so long. I was surprised he went in like that. I think this kind of thing freaks out a lot of older heads and it’s kinda understandable. The new generation doesn’t see color the same way and that mindset often applies across the board to include creeds, religious convictions, and issues of sexuality. And I think that’s cool. But… I mean, if my old man suddenly decided to become a woman I ain’t gone lie. I would love my Dad. I would accept my Dad. But the shit would really make choosing a gift for Mother’s/Father’s Day hella confusing.