Slim Jesus Is Back With ‘On The Block’ [VIDEO]

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  • bigwangslanger

    I like this nigga, being real about being fake I can respek it! *birdman voice*

  • MartyMcFly

    “This guy’s a gangster? His real name’s Clarence!”

  • ilikemusic.

    YungShoota The Gawd made it yall….anything is possible

  • E-go-tis-ti-cal

    That dude got a head like Cailou

  • Jared Morales

    Say what you want to about this fuckin ignorant kid but the reality to it is… this kid has made a lane for himself.. I fucking hate his music and unfortunately the dumb millennials of this world love this weak shit. I really hope he doesn’t make it to 21.

    • Don

      Smh stop, he had a quick 5 minutes of fame from 1 video that went viral, and that was due to shock value because he was white….that’s not a lane (at all). His “career” is on life support right now. I agree with his music being garbage though, now he even got the wack ass beats to go with those wack ass raps of his.

    • Johny I Know-a-guy Tightlips

      lmao dis beaner said slim made a lane for himself. Bruv kill yo selfff ur rants are ridiculous and straight fagottry. hold this gigantic L for siding with whitey who wants to deport ur ass back

  • Andrew Shepherd

    I hate a goofy especially! !

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    • neige420

      5 0

  • drupp1

    all a bunch of goofies

  • smokin JAY


  • neige420

    you better NOT put respek on this fools name

  • Kyle C Walker

    wtf did i just witness another white boy trying to get riches ? you got bitches and guns but wheres the blunts? wheres the cocaine where the sluts? where the pit bulls the 40’s and where your chucks? where the Jesus tat and your face wheres the cunts? punk, you never even touch a slut let alone 4 fifth in the streets with drugs. Lil bozzie went to jail and shmurda still in it what you think gonna happen to you when real niggas not playing wit it? you think you know whats next acting like you own the set aiming slick with fake tech but you gonna die before you see your wish . There aint no check you fucked up and even stitches regrets talking like he ganging when he didn’t know one crip. mr Jesus the devil is coming you think this is game but you have no idea who your insulting . enjoy the fame cause its gonna be short lived you cant knock on the devils door and expect him to commit. hahaha boi you another statistic just another sacrificial lamb shady had a voice and point you just an albino looking clown ahahaha maaaaan I fear you stepped in some quick sand and no one gonna help you out in fear they gonna get dragged down with you. Slim Jesus hahaha SMH ya sign this kid someone do it so all us people can by his cd or down load fuck music is ridiculous nowadays this is what the new generation is ? fucking congratulation you have destroyed everyone thought process to the point that we have slim Jesus for fuck sake. ahahaha Joke biggest JOKE EVER!!!

  • yung’n realtalk

    What cam got to say about that co sign?

  • MasonLestat

    hes a better rapper than most of this niglets with face tattoos

  • MasonLestat

    lmao at the saltiness of the ni666er that wrote the “article” 😀

  • Chill Life

    He needs to stop. He is going to get one of his lil homies hurt in the crossfire

  • Red

    This is actually kind of fire.

  • Claude987987

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