Sir Mix-A-Lot Wins ‘Anaconda’ Lawsuit

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  • MrMc Clay

    Get thay money mix

  • TheKingShaun

    Damn everybody getting sued. Can’t even make booty songs without someone coming at you .

    • NaZe

      if someone bit off your shit u would do the same

      easy money

      • TheKingShaun

        Never said I wouldn’t

        • NaZe

          Yea but these artists need to learn how to ask permission, none of this would ever happen

          • Jake Morse

            He never sued Nicki Minaj… read the article.

          • bushay

            Not these artists need to learn how to be original and make your own shit It’s not like they’re paying Hommage they’re just straight up biting off of other shit unoriginal untalented youngins

      • the song and the music video too though lol

      • Hugh G. Dickson

        lol lawsuits are easy? Clearly you have never sued anyone.

      • Drake Jr.

        If the lawsuit was easy nigga woulda won it lol Sir Mix Alot won taht easy lol

    • They could’ve just asked for permission/paid him beforehand. But no, people think they can just get away with common thievery these days. Birdman thinks he can sign people and not even pay them lmao

      • Celz

        You a dumb nicca.. Nicki was not involved in the lawsuit.. This ain’t a picture book. It has words under it. Someone sued Sir Mix A Lot for stealing his song because he claims he noticed his song in Nicki’s song which came from Sir Mix A Lot’s… Dude sued Sir Mix A Lot for the original Baby Got Back.. No one sued over Anaconda..

  • Et cet·er·a

    It’s clear you have no creativity if you have to steal someone else’s ideas then turn around and get sued for it..

  • Phenom1250

    Didn’t he say a year ago that he fully supported this song homaging his older song? Guess opinions change when the money gets low.

    • Frank White

      U read it wrong…

    • black adam

      fuck sake do people not know how read now? you niggas just point at the pictures like a fucking pop up book and then run your mouth.

  • ChiTownT

    Once again HHE on some click bait shit. The picture and title lead you to believe Mix a lot and Nicki Minaj were embroiled in some lawsuit with him being the victor. Clearly not the case. FOH wit this shit

  • Primetime328

    Damn can the rap game try to be somewhat original?