Shyne Intends To Be Prime Minister Of Belize

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  • ilikemusic.

    Bruhhh when Trump gets elected i’m moving to Belize, and i’m gonna get that raspy voiced nigguh to do a few features too….He prolly has MF Doom and Jay Electronica out there with him chillin

    • Mec-One

      Bruh, I been planning on retirement in Belize before we got wind of trump deciding to run ……place is beautiful

  • DaHoppa

    The first Prime Minister to spit a freestyle for the people one time…..

  • E-go-tis-ti-cal

    Do ya thang Shyne

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  • ChiCity300

    No matter what Shyne gone shine. Good ish diddy, I mean the devil couldn’t keep him down.

  • gotta love nepotism

  • Tranzor Howard

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