Shawty Redd Quits Music After Trashing New School Rappers

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  • LatarionMilton

    Nigga will be back in a month lol

  • smith jones

    I miss old Atlanta.. shit even Houston was popping.. this whole new Atlanta sound is bullshit.. I feel like florida deserve some blame too..

    NY nigga speaking

    • Jameson Hall

      NY to blame too. They doing the same bs music trying to emulate that trap sound. NY cats lost their identity a long time ago.

      This is another NY cat speaking also

      • smith jones

        Ny rappers got push to the side.. the mass don’t wanna hear lyrics.. the younger cats try to adapt.. it’s not they fault. You go jobless you gonna stay jobless?

    • MasonLestat

      The beats are poppin, but the rappin is trash…

  • Ro’bins

    Metro Boomin isn’t complaining bruh….

  • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

    Shawty redd jus mad cuz niggas aint fuckn witem

  • Johnathan Dough

    He’s acting like we ain’t already made that choice for him lmfao.

  • Da Truth

    I feel him though because I grew up on Tip Jeezy gucci and dem in that zaytoven shawty redd and gangsta grillz era where they all did trap music but it wasn’t the same, nowadays these new cats wanna sound the same which probably frustrates the producer who’s trying to bring individuality to the track

  • Mike

    He should of just said I’m not working with no new rappers period.

  • Rodrigo Copeland

    For those of you that dont know, This is Shawty Redd. The CREATOR of the TRAP sound. Rap was never the same after he produced the majority of Jeezy’s TM 101 and people have forgotten that. The trap wave isnt nothing new and all of yal favorite producers like Metro, Lex, 808 Mafia, Young Chop, Mike Will and a slew of others have all been praised about their beats but Redd was making the same beats even better 10 plus years ago but he never got the true credit for it and its frustrating to him. He started the whole sound but when lex and a few others caught fire a few years back, him and others got credit for the sound but the true listeners who know the history know that Redd created that wit Jeezy in the early 2000s…

    • Mr postman

      Uhhh zaytoven???

      • MadVillain

        Zays sound is completley dif
        like 50% of the producers in the game right now imitate Shawty Redds style

        • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

          Metro n london greater than all these niggas

  • Esco23

    It’s puff daddy/lil John seriously.. puff never had bars but he did try…when that crunk music took off it was a wrap the bar was officially lowered at that point…ask any of the younger rappers did they come up listening to lil john he unintentionally lowered the bar for wat fans wanted to hear..up and coming artists saw that u can be on top wit no lyrics and a banging beat from the producer or catchy hook

  • Leekluv216

    That’s counterproductive! Never let anyone fuck up your money. Just because you pull your name out of the hat doesn’t stop the bullshit from occurring. Make the beats and try to educate those cats as much as possible.