Shaq Explains Why He Thinks The Earth Is Flat

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  • Matt Leon

    The thing that makes me the most aggravated about this is the fact that it’s mainly a bunch of black people that are believing this. Ya’ll are seriously making our kind really seem uneducated to actually believe this stuff. Only white person I’ve seen that somewhat didn’t deny this whole earth being flat rumor was that wrestler, AJ Styles, and that itself could have been scripted when he said it but still. He didn’t exactly say that he agrees but he didn’t deny it either.

    • Supreme Trunks

      Right and they aren’t offering any formula or mathematical theory to it. Just ” China is under me. That’s stupid. The world is flat” as a sufficient argument. LSU should be trying to sue for Shaq making them look bad.

      • Matt Leon

        Exactly. Like, I used to think Shaq was cool but I wonder if all them falls this dude took when he was ballin may have damaged his head a bit lol. Smh.

    • Michael Harvey

      Thank God it’s not all black people and we have a Neil Degrasse Tyson to help set these idiots straight. What’s sad is that these celebrities don’t know how much power they have with words and sometimes their opinion can help form the opinion of someone who is young, impressionable and don’t know any better. Even if it’s said as a joke the wrong person could take it seriously.

      • Matt Leon

        Exactly. And yeah I’m glad of it too. Although I’m sure Neil has to be getting frustrated with everyone taking this whole earth being flat theory seriously. And yeah you right though. Kids these days will believe anything that a celebrity they idolize says so these idiots saying that the earth is flat will really just be creating a new generation of idiots.


    This trend is fucking disturbing. It needs to stop.

  • DaveyStoned

    shaq thinks as clear as he speaks.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    The earth isn’t “Flat” just not perfectly round like a marble like NASA shows us. Keep in mind, what you learn is what “they” show you.