Shaq Comes Back At Kevin Durant

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  • Kevmac01

    Shaq u too old for this shit. Old ass coon

  • Astronaut

    I can’t be the only one on hhe the without a Facebook or IG page right? I’ve obviously had one but for me personally I cant pretend to associate with folks I don’t fuck with or see occasionally. Only reason I have this shoot is for pure entertainment

    • Gee Reezy

      Im in the same boat as u bro

    • Whitedude

      Same here. Had a FB for years and deleted it 2 years ago and never had IG. Glad I’m not alone in my social media protest lol I only have this account to talk my shit in the comment section.

  • yolkipalki69

    KD dont want it from Shaq…….. lets not remind everyone how KD lost the entire playoffs for the Thunder in the last 5min turning it over the most foolish way for a quick 9 points for splash brothers and after leave the team like they did it lol……….. still would take KD over Lebron though