See What Happens When Kendrick Lamar Gets Pulled Over In Beverly Hills [VIDEO]

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  • Food4Thought

    Got DAMN these tmz niggas are some fucking vultures

    • Thee_One1

      They got people everywhere


    i feel like tmz called the boys in order to get a snap and a story

    • T guest

      They did, they was hoping he got caught with drugs. TMZ be setting mfs up for a story

    • Thought it was just me he probably wasn’t even a real cop lol

    • Errybody KiLLa

      Read my mind G

  • Ye’

    White privilege

  • bawse

    that benz is so nice

  • FaboLoso

    was this worth even posting about?

  • FaboLoso

    lol I’m starting to believe it

  • Conner

    he didnt have plates but he had the temp insurance in window cops pull people over all the time for that nothing illegal about it