Sebastian Telfair Arrested With Small Arsenal Of Weapons

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  • Johnathan Dough

    I remember watching a documentary on this cat. Used to hoop in his sisters shoes and shit, was so happy to see he made it to the NBA and could finally provide for his mother. I’ll never understand how people can reach that level of success and still do dumb shit.

    • LatarionMilton

      Easy. People from the hood are use to having nothing. So when they/we get money like that they dont know how to save and invest it. I didn’t follow fam much but I guarantee he blew that money on his family, friends and buying dumb shit. When that money is gone you still prob have the taste for the lavish life. Since that NBA money aint coming in you go for the quickest option that a hood dude knows, the streets for fast money.

      • FaboLoso

        He still have money tho…that nigga is still living in a mansion with 4-5 cars

      • True shit I think the NBA and NFL needs hook these dudes up with a good accountant and a good lawyer from the start of their career. There’s been too many stories of people losing all their money. Like mandatory shit. I know they could already hire the best CPA if they wanted but most don’t.

      • kinglobey

        generally speaking you right but he started a company of financial advisers to help athletes manager their money and sign better contracts.

  • 100squad

    They gone show him everything but compassion

  • Astronaut

    How do yaw get a hold of this shiit…. put me on