ScHoolboy Q Clowns On Desiigner [VIDEO]

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  • renee curry

    Lean & Buds on deck for my Emcee’s
    Emaill; backonmagrind987{AT}gmail(.)com

  • Youness

    lmfaaooo nigga looks like a retarded kid on lean

  • desiigner came up on imitating future and trolling him and now social media is imitating him and trolling him. dat inception tho.

  • Omar

    blank face lp album of the year so far along with 3001 a laced odessey and untitled unmastered and the underacheivers album lol

    • Chill out that shit was average af

      • Omar

        so which ones you think are

        • basedcharley

          When you have heard the 90s/early 2000’s, prett much everything that comes out now is average, so it makes sense.

          • Exactly lol i be tryna give this new shit a chance tho

          • Spookeysmoker

            I’m 33 this shit is ok it ain’t that bad have to give it a spin and listen this nigha deep he spits more than about the trap

          • drupp1


          • Δbdou Sene عبده سيني

            I hate people that think like you forreal… Wu tang my favorite group of all time and was my favorite rapper, i love everything from GangStarr to Biggy but that doesn’t mean i can’t appreciate new school stuff i actually think a lot of new school things are pretty good you just gotta look past the mainstream bullshit… Your prolly that grumpy old man talking bout kids nowadays don’t have lyrics when plenty right some really lyrical shit. Like if you don’t like then let other people enjoy instead of hating on people making good music. FOH with that shit spread love not hate

          • basedcharley

            Don’t put words in my mouth. I said most shit is average. Line the top 5 of th e new school up against the old school and prove me wrong. God damn, line the top 5 of the new school up against the 20-25 of the old school and we got a fuckin close one. I didnt say I hated it, but I’m not banging even the good albums more then 3 times, it’s not that great.

          • Δbdou Sene عبده سيني

            I aint put shit in your mouth! I was just pissed cause everyone says the same thing and its not true most of the mainstream is average but they are people with BARS that just don’t get the same push DO YOUR RESEARCH. I can help you if you want

          • basedcharley

            I listen to the new shit too, but you’re a goddamn liar if you think the top 5 of today is on level with the top 5 of the 90s, and you know it bruh. Let the shit ride, there will be another age of greatness, but it JUST, AINT, this shit.

          • Δbdou Sene عبده سيني

            I said pretty good i wasn’t comparing because its not fair all old school rappers have made already done what they had to do while these new niggas are still shaping they’re careers which is why i hate people like you who wanna compare… Nas my favorite rapper but lets not forget he had a period where he dropped trash ass albums and shit like OCHIE WALLY and Wu Tang are legends and i love almost all they’re old shit From Enter the 36 Chambers to Wu tang Forever and even Iron Flag but most of their new shit trash Ghostface, Raekwon and Meth the only ones dropping good solo material but since you wanna compare okay bro but it Depends on who you consider in your top 5 i don’t follow mainstream that much but i do bump some sometimes with girls or my friends so My top 5 would include rappers like Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$, Freddie Gibbs and J Cole (Especially old cole) or Capital Steeze (Personal preference… if he didn’t die) In no particular order, other new rappers that Have potential are Dave East, Logic, Lil Herb and even more that i like and think have substance. There are others Like Curren$y and Young Roddy who’ve been grinding for a grip and make good shit. I think 4 of those 5 in my top 5 are gonna last for a while and are gonna be remembered in hip hop. Don’t follow mainstream you gotta do your own research just like back in the Day when the mainstream tried to push MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice.

        • I wont say cuz i know how ur lame ass dude. Hype underground and hate mainstream to seem cool. Matter of fact fuck it Coloring Books was better than this, so was TLOP

          • Spookeysmoker

            Ewww tlop was average not even good for Kanye imo better then his last cd and coloring book is a great cd don’t know if I can compare it to blank face different style etc

      • Spookeysmoker

        Nah it’s better than average asap ferg cd was average this was s well put together cd

    • Tyrone Biggums

      What about YG?

      • Omar

        that one too, my bad

  • ilikemusic.

    The new album is fire. Each song is hella unique. Stop the hate

  • Food4Thought

    It’s wasn’t the best, but I did enjoy that Vic Mensa EP

  • It may take a dozen listens to let his sound settle. I’m not quite there yet, I much preferred the bombastic sounds of Oxymoron.

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