The Saga Continues For The Wu-Tang Clan On New Album

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  • jurassicjrod


  • SkidRow

    I’m happy but DAMN I MISS THAT NIGGA O.D.B.

    • B.E.Z.O.G.

      I do too. RIP Unique Ason

  • T guest

    I’m still weak of that Martin Shkreli guy when he thought he had the official album. WT was sitting back laughing at him then then posted the real one

  • Skeazaleo The Don

    A better tomorrow was sort of weak. I hope this one bounces back. I’m honestly not speaking from an “old head” perspective. These niggas really can still make good music. Raekwon dropped an album this year thats good, Meth’s last solo album was pretty good too. I hope this shit is decent.

  • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

    Listened to the album about 4 times.

    I think it’s a dope project & couldn’t find any songs that I really skipped.

    Method Man still happens to be my fav of Wu.

    Dope project….. 8.5/10