Safaree Says Meek Mill Played ‘Big’ Role In His Break Up With Nicki Minaj

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  • n0kturnal

    How u gonna blame meek? U the one fuckin another chick regardless. YOU ARE TO BLAME. DUMB FUCK.

    • Mec-One

      No way I’d be trying to pipe down a $3 smut bucket with a multi million, strong 8.78 at the crib ……lol

      • Ghostface-

        fr, i’d be putting holes in my condom

    • Johnathan Dough

      So you gon act like nicki wasn’t fuckin other dudes?

      • SlimJuve25

        nicki most likely was, an might not would have cared as much if safaree wouldn’t have done it around so many famous people that knew her, true rumors an crowd spectating is big difference, i’m sure meek wasn’t the only one that was telling her the shit with made it embassing an she had to deal with it

      • youknow

        u kidding me? nicki was so crazy for this guy he practically raised her. she loved his stupid ass and girls don’t cheat if they in love.

        • James Savage

          There’s a code how to deal with this shit. meek was sneaky with it and broke code

    • Ghostface-

      he aint blame meek once in that segment. u know who really spineless tho? Meek, for facetiming Nikki while Saf fucking a bitch in the background. u know who really do that kind a shit? a goofy with RAT tendencies.

      • Youngmystery1

        Just think about what u just wrote think logically….
        Do u actually believe Dude was hitting another the background while meek was there…just don’t make sense

        • Boo Gotti

          Them niggas used to hang together all the time tho it make perfect sense.

          • Youngmystery1

            I understand where u coming from…but think about from safaree point of things…why would he put his self in that predicament knowing all these dudes want his girl…like I dnt tell my close homies bout my other chicks period…so they cnt dry snitch or slide in by hating

          • Boo Gotti

            U rite and slippers do count. Safaree was slipping but it dnt change the fact that meek was on some police ass “cheaters” shit like the tv show lmao

          • Youngmystery1

            Told u it didn’t make sense

      • Boo Gotti

        I hate a goofy especially

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Dude let it go. You fucked up, and lost and good women, bad ass girl.

  • KingNelson

    Only way this cat is getting brought up is it’s either Nicki or Meek lol.

  • Spookeysmoker

    Nigga stay on love and hip hop

  • FireKraker

    Dude is a bitter breakup song that’s stuck on repeat.

  • Youngmystery1

    Game words like the bible to these people…how much sense do u have to have to know it dnt add up…why would he be smashing another chick in front of his girl coworker…2nd why would meek even be there to

  • youknow

    “That’s one of the craziest diss records in history” looooool

  • Boo Gotti

    That shit ain’t cool idgaf u niggas defending that fuc shit. “He did the right thing” lookin ass niggas lmao where’s the guy code at.? U niggas got pursues between ur legs or wat.???

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