Safaree Samuels Threatens Nicki Minaj With More Revelations

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  • Just release the pics of her before the surgery

    • she used to black lol


      That and the dyke mode vid harassing remy about a relationship

    • DaQueen Vicious

      no need to release its already out there when she was younger. We know that booty didnt get that big like that. Thats not normal.

      • Samisback

        nah I disagree with that..there’s girls I’ve went to school with who never had a body but when I see em now that’s not the case anymore lol..I’m just saying it isn’t impossible, her ass is definitely fake but those titties might be real.

        • LillianRJackson

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        • Leekluv216


          • Samisback

            nope what?

          • Leekluv216

            Bout them titties lol

          • Samisback

            hey they could be

  • kells47

    Coming from the nigga that got run out his own video shoot fuck this clown ass nigga tf we giving people air time who ain’t shit for

    • the only reason they are talking to him is because they said his name

  • gunman

    This hands down the top fag nigga in the game he irrelevant then a MF talking about some get off my dick MF the only time you get mentioned is when you choking yo chicken in the bathroom talking to yourself in the mirror he probably cry every time and be like damn I miss Nikki

    • YungShoota

      he a fagget yeah but top fag nigga in the game still go to tyga cuz he fuckin a tranny


      • gunman

        They can be fag jiggas together shit first place second place that Biggs need to get the dick out his ass its drakevsmeek and this nigga vs Nikki like wtf lmao wtf he think he gonna gain going at Nikki specially when he just as relevant as George bush them noddle ass niggaz man

  • YungShoota

    nigga ned to relese the nicki porno or stfu

    • 100squad

      I support that..stop playing & buddy a lil suspect too

    • realestnigga

      U need to release that dick in your hand and take it.out your mouth u fake ass g ain’t nobody heard of u in camden fake ass nigga big hootie is my cuz and he aint never heard of u on the streets fake ass nigga them real niggas is gunna handle u trust that

      • YungShoota

        nigga who the fuck is u bruh? u and ur bitch ass cuz can eat a dick fuck nigga. i i aint in camden u ho ass nigga im in newark on camden st n 12th u fuckin pussy ass nigga so u wanna tlk so damn hard on the internet come see wat it really do like a man u fuckin coward ass computer nigga.

        • bushaybj

          Nigga u from newjersey sit ur ass down an cuz ?? Wat h a compton crip lolol or a fetty wap lolololol

        • realestnigga

          Im the dick thats gunna be in yo mouf

        • realestnigga

          Nigga im in texas i dont need to waste and money to go look for ur lyin ass someplace where u aibt even at…i was talkin bout newark pussy u know damn well no one knows u on the streets except the plugs that u be suckin off for that dope…u aint got cars and chains or any of that pussy cmon now be real u dumb bitch i know people in jersey bruh and ur name aint ringing no bells u fake ass nigga come to texas nigga h-town and we’ll see whats good pussy ass nigga u say u have all this flow and u never had no job then it shouldn’t be hard for u to come down here. Bring all ur bitch niggas and fake ass chains nigga and that beemer u supposedly have even though u always showing the SAME damn pic of u in front of it haha we’ll see whats good bitch u be wanting niggas to go to ur hood no ngga come to my hood nigga lets see whos real fam im wit the shits bruh ill body u and ur.bitch ass homies real.quik nigga

  • MrMc Clay

    He trying to come off after that twerp video he did

  • yayayayyaya

    And the award for the world’s most saltiest nigga goes to….

  • yayayayyaya

    This dude has no options… what’s he going to do? Get a desk job? Nah… his only choice is sell raps or sell drugs…. that said he is going to sell raps….

    But nobody likes this guy and his brand is garbage and will never get better……

    so what is left for him to do?

    Be the male version of amber rose.