Safaree Confirms Game’s Charge That Meek Ratted Him Out To Nicki Minaj

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  • Samisback

    Considering the source it’s coming from No, why are we hearing about this now? If this truly happened don’t you think Safaree would’ve mentioned it a long time ago, Nicki and Meek have been together almost 3 years..and the first we hear of this story is from Game, a nigga who’s known for making up stories.

    • Shaw


    • myonlycomment.

      Because safaree doesn’t live that life and he does not want any type of Philly problems.
      Anyways I’m don’t care much for these two rappers but I’m sitting back and appreciating hip hop bars and rap beef.

      • Samisback

        Yeah but didn’t Sarfree release a diss record going at Meek last year during the Drake fiasco?If that really happened I think he would’ve motioned it, but the first we’re hearing of this is coming from a guy who’s known for faberciating stories.

        • James Davia

          Only reason why he didn’t say anything is because he never admitted he cheated second it’s a respect thing if you man up to the shit you did you mention it in a diss wen meek is the one he was after

          • Samisback

            Yeah I’m not buying it, had this came from a different source or at least Safaree himself a long time ago, I’ll believe it..but Game? Nah, hey maybe it is true..but I’ll wait until a reliable source confirms it…Game’s been caught lying 2 times to many for me to believe anything he says.

    • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

      The comment section missed the common sense you brought welcome back fam lmao but i honestly cant wait for all this dumb shit to be over with. Completely senseless

      • Samisback

        Haha thanks bruh, and same here..there’s currently much more serious things going on in the world we should be worried about, fuck this fake beef.

    • YoungPrime

      Okay then it’s the other way which means Nicki was cheating behind Safaree’s back before they broke it off.

      • Samisback

        I’m not sure what happened but I’m damn sure not going to believe game.

        • YoungPrime

          Yeah well after Beans admitting that he ghost wrote on that Game diss (You know, that same bs that Meek had a whole hissy fit about last year). It puts things in perspective.

          • Samisback

            Not really, still doesn’t give Game any credibility..that makes Meek a hypocrite if Beans really did Ghostwrite on that diss, but it doesn’t make Game any less of a liar…let me remind you, this is the same guy who name dropped a bunch of Chicago gangsters during his lil Durk Chiraq diss and claimed he knew them only to get exposed by G count of L.e.p Bogus Boys for lying..the only way I’ll ever believe anything that comes from Game’s mouth is if someone who’s credible comes out and confirm it.

  • Mec-One

    Safari still hurting ….. smh

    • Myleage

      he bout to get dumped by the other niki he’s dating lmao

  • Dillz

    Where the fuck do you get this info

    • Trabiscayne

      Check youtude
      I came across a video of Wayne pushing up on her & Safaree was standing there & did nothing.
      Dudes apple sauce

  • Towlie

    towile just wants too get high fuck all this beef

  • Vince Gregory

    This nigga was present everytime a nigga came at her he never did shit thats why she left he soft smh

  • TheGameTagerZ

    Yo what is up with these damn ads? Like 2001 pop up ads all over this site. I can’t even click an article without being redirected to a advertisement. Then I gotta load up this site all over again just to read the two sentences you guys posted.

    • SlimJuve25

      damn bruh sound you paying all of their bills . . . sarcasm but they are making a come up off you hopefully you don’t have auto download on or your computer going to be jacked up

      • TheGameTagerZ

        I had adblock off because at one point you couldn’t come on this site without it. I was fine with the ads on the article, but once they started adding those virus popup ads I put it right back on.

        PC all good, but they need to just stick to google ads cause the rest of this shit is sus.

        • Astronaut

          Shiit i got the app on my phone.

    • Craig

      yeah bruh thats why I just use the app now

  • Astronaut

    Lol wrong.Sorry Safaree. If you get facetimed fuckin another chick and you have a girl at home thats an L on you my nig. not an L on Meek.

  • Astronaut

    And im still confused on what a snitch is. I have to look in the dictionary. Meek wasnt affiliated with you so how he snitch.

  • Master Splinter


  • Merc4me “St.Louis” Murphy

    But you all don’t come here for all the other important issues that’s going on in the world, you come here for entertainment so stop crying about how yall wish this shit would end because if it did then what would you do. Comment box hayyyyyters always saying dumb shit

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Petty ass entertainment fo yo ass

  • Astronaut

    Lol explain where my logic is flawed.

  • LegacyEtheRBOLO

    sad that this is what beef is considered these days :'(

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