Russell Westbrook Snags Biggest Guaranteed Contract In NBA History

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  • Astronaut

    As shitty as it sounds no man is worth that amount of money

  • Skeazaleo The Don


  • Rich blackman

    If they can pay you that much they making 3 times that off of him.

  • Rich blackman

    If u notice they never tell the public how much the team make

  • Je’sus

    Tf only dudes worth this much is
    Lebron kd steph n kawhi.

    • OG C-NOTE

      You seriously dont think Westbrook belongs in that group?? Me personally, I would take westbrook before curry

      • Killa Cam Newton

        Hell yea westbrook does it all outside inside and not that weak ass floater steph do he will jam on your ass ..

        • kinglobey

          loooool #realtalk tho

      • Ye’

        Curry a joke lol

      • Je’sus

        Lol Bruh go look at the numbers. Trust me if you casual watch nba you think so but if you watch it a lot you know Bruh is over rated. Just go look at every game where curry outs plays Russ

    • Whitedude

      You’re trippin if you think Russ isn’t in that group.

      • Je’sus

        Go look at the numbers

        • Whitedude

          What numbers you talking bout? I’m willing to humor you..

  • Jo LitT

    with money like that and you can get people off streets or feed the hungry for a lifetime…. THIS WORLD…