Russell Crowe Physically Removed Azealia Banks From Hotel After Altercation

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  • Joshua Spurgeon

    I really wonder what is wrong with this girl. I was a fan of her when I first heard her music but she’s starting to lose it.

    • Astronaut

      Dont overthink it bro. Ghetto is the term u looking for and attention freak.

  • Astronaut

    Id really like somebody beat her ass. She the type of female thats loud as fuck during a smoke session killing the vibe. She lucky Crowe didnt spartan kick her ass. Also Crowe is that guy that firs in with everybody.

    • Supreme Trunks

      She the “why you even here then?” type of girl

      • Astronaut

        She the “I just wanna fuck” type girl. Or the ” i cant stand this bitch” type girl

      • Frank White

        had one of those over last night man….

        • Supreme Trunks

          yo that sucks my G. Went to a bar with one of them….let’s just say the night didn’t turn out well.

    • Poopmaster

      Crowe G as fuck. He straight beats the shit outta papparazzi

      • Astronaut

        True that. GTA 4 on em.

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Timeout, Russell Crowe was a spartan in Gladiator? Or are you implying Gérard Butler and Russell Crowe look alike? Yep I just Googled it cause I’m an asshole. He was a Roman in Gladiator, bad joke bro. Give my damned upvote bike (In My Plies Voice)

      • Astronaut

        Lol honestly i was just making a reference to myself. Kevin Gates her ass.

  • ilikemusic.

    put her back in the zoo man

  • jvp3

    Even RZA says she started it? I’d say actually HE started it, by bringing her. She’s crazier than a burlap bag full of cats hopped up on coke. You can’t bring her anywhere. She’s a grade-A nutbar. Even Snickers is jealous of her.

  • this bitch smh

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  • Amanwithnoname101

    Chick has mental issues. Hope she gets help

    • Mike Donovan


      • any black or minority voting for trump is voting for racial and religious profiling and stop and frisk and more private prisons to lock them up!! trump is the worst candidate in american history.

        • Mike Donovan

          liesssssssss im black wear a fro and love my people. once again bllacks have been pressed because they fear whites. if they didnt we would not be talking about many of the things we talk about today as injustice. not just black… hispanics as well. The CLINTON in the beginning of the 90-s laid the groundwork for all you proest about today. 3 strikes, profiling, coporate jails.. the clitntons are EVIL war mongers. Im so disapointed that blacks are falling for this shit. we should be smarter.

          Most of the country asks if is ok for for someone to let him or her have a job so that they can get money. For that reason trump is the man. This is a business. I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE OR THOSE WHO YOU ASSOCIATE AS HIS SUPPORTERS. NOR AMD I SCARED OR INTIMIDATED BY THEM. IM GOING TO EAT NO MATTER WHAT. I’m not a bitch in the heart sadly like most minorities in this country. Suck the dick of colonialism and lthe conquerors languages. We know she has done nothing as a senator and throughout her career, she is a proven liar and she is a war monger. in bed and taking money from other leaders. have you read the wikileaks about how she talk about blacks and how to never address our problems specifically or commit to anything when it comes to black people. I cant with yall

          • Astronaut

            That was pretty good

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Don’t hype the android up

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            N’all niggerton. All candidates are bullshit. All elections are falsified. And what is this “emotions never are good in life” nonsense? If the planet had 0 emotions, life would suck. And cut that got damned Fro off. Fuck Trump, Fuck Hillary

          • Mike Donovan

            Never said that werent. Just the the gullable post that he made above had to be refuted and the willing ignorance is widespread. He’s still the better choice. I look to good with this fro man. Not everyboy can say that. You keep yours low and continue to make them white folks comfortable

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Trump would be great for financial recovery but man oh man social issues would peak in America. Unlike most people commenting, I’m a news junkie. Trust me, Trump is as bad as Hillary and vice versa

          • he wouldnt be good for financial recovery. he is a terrible at everything…

            that why all he does now is put his name on things.. if it fails he walks away, not his problem..

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            You do realize that Trump basically said that if you been paying taxes you are dumb. This wigger said, “Because, I’m smart.” When Hillary accused him of not paying taxes. So you and everybody who supports him are full blown retards because I guarantee you all paid taxes

          • Mike Donovan

            thats RIGHT he took advantage of what was available to him. The jealousy of those with more is becoming rampant. Every year at tax time people take advantage of tax loop holes available. Will his share of taxes SAVE US. another diversion. Again they are both bad but im not afraid of the social issues. why are yall so afraid of a fight or tension? no progress is made without. Hillary is a bandaid but a very bad recovery. Thats why these crackers are mad FINANCES. thyeve been convinced they are better and they cant get any money as easily as they do. I do realty in nyc. The white folks are moving to the stuy and crown heights. They would never live around blacks and hispanics. Money is more scarce. So solve finances then these muthafuckas go tos sleep and we go back to being fearful complacent and having a a movement(BLM) that has been hijacked by whites ever sice it left ferguson. No financial boycotts or real action

          • dude, people like him created the problem.. in case youi didnt know trump is a walking talking corporation and LOBBYIST…. he has been buying politicians for decades!! He is part of the problem! Like the ground root of the problem!! lmfao

            Trump doesnt pay taxes because he is a horrible businessman!! He pays no taxes because he is a horrible businessman!! lmfao he lost over 900 million in one year, and thats why he doesnt pay taxes.

            It was all his… 800 million was from banks his own shareholders. tons of people lost their jobs too!!

            But he get to count 900 million against his taxes for 20 years.. smfh..

            if trump never made a business deal and just kept his dads assets.. he would be much richer today!! lmfao

            go read the new newsweek story about just how bad at business trump is

          • Mike Donovan

            ALL OF IT GOES FOR HILLARY TOO! She has disrespected my people and has a proven track record of doing so. He has called names… ive done my research. I love that anytime a person of color goes non duck that their research, common sense and intelligence are questioned. i go read what you suggested. You the wikkileaks on cunt and tell me how she is any better than this man

          • lmfao

            he is a racist, he was sued by the DOJ for housing discrimination. They put a code on applications, letter C stood for Colored People, those labled C didnt get approved. They sent undercovers in and learned all of this.

            The DOJ sued him not win lawsuit but to make the discrimination stopped, trump settled. But he did it again and was sued again lol

            trump has so much history

          • Mike Donovan

            ok… that makes you more emotional than the things she has done. being denied for housing moves you more than coming up with a penal code such as three strikes and for drugs that has broken and crushed families the last 25 years? Im an agent in nyc. Would you believe in the last 5 years i have had black landlords that have said they want no blacks white and chinese only (mostly the jamaicans). white, chinee, jew and spanish are similar. Again the business of running america and creating money for those who cannot do it themselves i s what its about. ALL YOUR POLITICIANS ARE RACIST for they have all reinforced the same policy since the 20th century and before that really,

          • blah, blah blah?


            Trump wants religious and racial profiling, stop and frisk, to loosen up antilibel laws, more private prisons, global conflicts of interest, got aids from chris christie, has chris christie on team despite knowing he closed thr bridge…

            trump is the worst candidate in american histoy.

            where is the positive?


          • Mike Donovan

            hillary is just as good all you have listed are generalizations and no specifics

          • are you fucking kidding me? i listed exact things trump said he will do.. lmfao

          • Mike Donovan

            and it all showed you to be a bitch in the heart. you no fight in you lest it be on this message board. this is the reason that bitch wil not save you or this country just as bad a series if events will take place with her at the helm

          • ayyy, bruh, when u leave a reply try and make some sense.

          • Mike Donovan

            all your reaoning for disliking this man is fear

          • yes, fear of his terrible policies that take american rights away, u dumbass.

            only the dumbest people want their own rights taken from them…

            do you want your rights taken away from you?

          • yawn..

            any black person voting for taking their own rights away thru racial and religious profiling and stop and frisk are dumb AF.

            and NOBODY lies more than trump. nobody@! and thats well documented.

            trump also done business with governments and countires all over the world, so much so we cant even understand the entire scope because he refuses to do what every candidate since 1986 has done and release his tax returns.

            hillary all day everydau over trump and his evil ways.

      • YoungPrime

        You’re an dumb ass. And you’re misinformed plus blocked moving forward! Fuck Donald Trump.

        • Mike Donovan

          youre a duck.. ..

  • she the black female donald trump.. without the money and fame

  • C.Savage

    Someone remind me who this bitch is again?

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      A semi-famous Thot

  • tommyfilmore47

    Still never heard one of this bitches songs. Or Russell Crowes for that matter.

  • Yungn_rAH210

    She’s the reason pat made “chicken head”

  • Ernie987

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  • Alvin Anyiah

    The sad thing about Banks is that her music is decent and could be big if she would play the game. She has to stop offending white people because they are who are making black entertainers rich. Its just the reality. Alot of them hate our skin but love our culture/music.

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      I’m not hating but you look like you sell Avon in your profile pic

  • Lord_Farquad

    “You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino shit.”

    If that’s an actual quote, then she needs…something, because that sounds like talk of someone seriously unhinged.

  • YoungPrime

    Typical dizzy, unstable bitch. The bigger question should be why the hell RZA is co-signing this fuckin goofball to begin with???!

  • Astronaut

    U mustve already had breakfast. The jokes are rolling out.

  • Poopmaster

    I’ll stand behind that

  • Mike Donovan

    i pray for you guys that you are so afraid of twhites socially that you would a vote for a woman who along with her husband have affected our community the last 30 years, the bitch out a bottle of hot saude and talked bad about you in the wikileaks cables. Yall are the pussy version of us. The too forgiving black american. She’s done things he just caller you a nlgger. you called me nlggerton… youre no different thn trump. Young prime is bitch nigga who is scared of whites who weak. His supporter are weak but as i said why are you muthafuckas so afraid of the good fight. You dont want it most blacks are like yall, passive, talkers and want no blod shed or tension. you want to ask white people for their respect and hope they give it to you. How cocky you two are. Fake ass cying laughter emojis and all. Youve given me no real reason other than the fact he is aracist. All your rpresidents have been. when hillary went against barack her and bill clinton made so many code word laden inuendos against him. but shes GREAT and young prime blocked me. My world is ruined. Oh no!! Yall are a true embarrassment and duckish. but you hide your head under your wing

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Wtf is really up with this crazy mf? She is not helping her career at all with that over the top bs..

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    She a clown.

  • Howard Smoolet

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