Rob Kardashian Exposes Blac Chyna’s Cheating With Explicit Photos

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  • Shane Martin

    Only thing she could think of was to say he hit her lol hope she gets what she deserves

    • Matt Leon

      Exactly. Like you never said anything before bout him putting hands on you but you gon bring that up now just cause he put you on blast?

    • black_mamba_fam

      Typical ghetto ratchet nigga bitch shit….smh!
      But he brought this on himself tryna wife a recycled thot piece of trash.

    • Myleage

      he’s the sap. he knows she be cheating, he be eating her nut dripping box (from another man) and he said “i just spent 250k on jewelry a week ago.” he is a simp

    • only way hoes can manipulate ppl is with sympathy and/or sex

      use sex and/or sympathy on niggas to get what she want

      use sympathy on women to get what she want

      that’s why frfr you gotta show hoes no mercy, nothin means anything to em

  • LatarionMilton

    A hoe gone be a hoe but I expect nothing but the this from her and he knew better. To me the disrespectful thing out of this whole situation is the side nigga wearing Robs robe. Thats grounds for an instant fade. Let me walk in on my girl and side nigga and he has on my robe. Im gone be responding on HHE from jail lol

    • TKingLives

      Same fam, since when is it cool to get disrespected like that and show the world? Id be doing jail time on the principle alone not even anything to do with the bitch at hand

    • Manny Bravo

      Lol, the robe thing was mad disrespectful.

  • YoungPrime

    Who’s he revealing this to, himself???
    His sister’s are probably laughing at him since they of all people would know “ho tendencies” and he should’ve known as well living with a house full of them.

    So a thot like Chyna cheating = Water wet!

  • Lol shoe

    This is a dumb dude. He was warned not to mess with her, and look.

  • THAchosenONE86

    whats up with these niggahz kissing this bytch??? future, rob this niggah and that s just a few like dont u know u just sukked every niggah dik in the party fam lml

  • Astronaut

    Rob sounding a real bitch in these messages. Do something about it, why you telling us for.

    • Eversooften

      Gearing up for court soon I bet. Better to get a positive PR before custody battles begin.

      • Astronaut

        I think you’ve forseen the future man

  • Astronaut

    Chyna ass in the shape of a square in them pics. Dont let them pants decieve you

  • Manny Bravo

    This is some serious simping. Goodness gracious.

  • sosarozay300

    who got the uncensored pics tho

  • Issa lie

    A bitch defense is always “you hit me” when you get exposed hahaha

  • Issa lie

    Type Rob Kardashian on ig tags to see the pics of chyna

  • Peter Kushing

    This stupid fuckin arab is such a simp. He deserves all of this for saving a hoe like Chyna.All these 2017 social media bitches aint worth shit but a nut.

  • d1gord

    Real whore, fake stunt

  • Troy

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