Rob Kardashian Cuts Off Blac Chyna Financially And She’s Fine With It

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  • Astronaut

    Congratulations Rob. In some shape or form you’re trapped with her cuz you hit raw.

  • ChiCity1988

    “seems open to letting Rob raise the baby himself” That’s when you know she a dirty ass hoodrat…Don’t even care to fight for her kid

    • HotlineQueef

      i mean who would want a little nigger baby ahha

  • Craig

    naw she going to let them niggas have the babies to raise and she going to find her next mark.

    • man look lol

    • Supreme Trunks

      Literally. Rinse and repeat. And to top it off, she having kids with dudes who make more money than her so they can’t even take her to court or anything.

  • Craig

    HHE you have been reporting on this. But as a hip hop site how have you not at least posted an article about robs lil dis track he dropped. It’s pretty decent. I didn’t know Rob had flow.

  • Manny Bravo

    I wonder how the children are going to feel when they get older. It can be good for their self-esteem to know they were mommy’s paycheck.

  • ThatsJustYouByYourself

    Definition of a no shit bitch.

  • Trip6

    Bruh Chyna finnessed expertly.
    I don’t condone the crazy amounts of plastic surgery, however damn rob hit the wrong one.
    I don’t think people really taking that in. He hit her… so she goes and fucks a few side tings and send him the photos and dares rob to say something.. so Rob being the hoe he seems to be, puts pics of his baby mama and wife on the internet for revenge??? As a result of those actions directly putting even more money into chyna’s pocket. anddddd because he didn’t follow the rules, and blew up his own spot on the gram, he has no choice but to let her leave unless he wants to look like even more of a ho, which just might be what chyna wants at this point..And now your telling me Rob has to take care of her baby too. Your telling me he cut her off and she laughed in his face bruh?
    I was a skeptic at first but this is the coldest finesse i’ve personally ever heard of.
    I don’t know if Chyna needs to go to some kind of hall of fame or Rob hahahaa

  • black adam

    i thought this was HIP HOP NEWS. are black chyna and rob whatever the fuck rappers? writers? engineers? hype men atleast? where is the connection?

  • flex

    Lmaoo “accused Rob of beating her” Why bitches always try to play that card. Rob look like he can’t even lift his arm to wipe his own ass much less to beat on somebody. And if he did why didn’t she take him to court… that claim seems very unlikely (although I can’t vouch for nobody)

  • sahn

    Not a mom hoes are us

  • the professor

    she knows good and damn well rob didn’t beat her even tho her hoe ass deserves it. what a great mom she is…said no one ever