Rita Ora Responds To A$AP Rocky’s Sex Slander

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  • kells47

    well it obviously happened then lool

  • xnoxes

    what a moron. he wasnt talking about “women” he was specifically talking about Rita.

    • jdt96

      Think harder …

  • yayayayyaya

    Just a slut getting angry when somebody calls her out for it…. then plays it like its a war on women.


    • kushkush

      yo mom is a slut too because she must had sex before, just like her LMAO

  • Craig

    So in other words she is saying yeah it happened like that… Im not ashamed? At least she real about it.,,, in a passive sort a way.

    • CLOVER•



    She wasn’t with letting the whole asap fam run a trizzy lmao

  • Dboy Came Up ∆∆∆∆

    rocky been a savage man.. remember when he was slapping girls at his shows? lmfao

    • sean

      man what about afroman? he punched a girl out on stage straight up

  • Rocky’s tacky.


    I’d like to stick these 7 inches up in both these bitches lol

    • Et cet·er·a

      So you’re bi?

      • HUSTLExXxMAN

        Naw bruh im just being sarcastic, so because of my last comment u assumed i was bi? Just by u asking me that question u might be a little suspect yourself

        • Et cet·er·a

          I’m a lesbian so I know fasho that I’m gay but ain’t no straight dude finna play like that… Let it marinate

          • HUSTLExXxMAN

            Well all i was saying is i know im not working with 12 inches but i definitely got enough to get the job done and enough not to get laughed at when i pull it out now u can let that marinate a little

  • Et cet·er·a

    Whelp she didn’t deny the accusations

  • Myleage

    asap rocky at 17:00

  • “Very happy with what I do”

    …Sorry that was just too easy.