Rihanna’s Make Out Partner Revealed And Twitter Spazzes

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  • Astronaut

    “I aint saying she a gold digger, but she aint messing with no broke niggas” -Ye

    • Manny Bravo

      And she should’t. She has too much money to be messing with a broke boi.

  • Broke bitches don’t own shit but want everything

  • thedudesrug

    He the type of dude who holds the door, but wont lick that ass smh..

    • Donny Marshall

      This might be the dumbest comment I’ve ever read..

    • Christian Fox


    • Melo

      I’m the type of dude who holds the door, but won’t lick ass. I would make an exception for RiRi.

      • Supreme Trunks

        Bruhhhhh lmao

  • Ghostface-

    I wonder if he’s gunna make her wear a black garbage bag tarp and walk behind him everywhere.
    Maybe just his other wives.

  • NYCityKid

    Nigga gettin that RiRi pussy, boi. Must be nice. I ain’t goin lie them preggo titties made me fall in love all over again. She can stay thick forever for a nigga.

    • realtalk

      It ain’t nice when every artist in the industry done hitt it lol

      • NYCityKid

        Grow up

  • HotlineQueef

    riri stay away from those sand niggers they are the worst people on the plannet

  • TKingLives

    Fuck if he was white people would be going crazy and throwing a fit.