Rihanna Keeps The Curves In New Photos With DJ Khaled

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  • thedudesrug


    • Dundada

      Best comment ever!

    • FaboLoso

      good lookin..didn’t even notice until I seen this comment

      • G.O.A.T

        Nigga how you let that get by you?

        • FaboLoso

          I was focused on the thighs

          • G.O.A.T

            I feel you fam . Me too, “BUT I WAS STILL STARING AT THE TITTIES THOUGH”

          • FaboLoso


          • Melo

            Me too, but then I peeped what that nigga Khaled was homing in on (in the first pic). Then I scrolled to the second pic. Tetas

      • DonCDaCapo

        Lol that was the 1st thing I seen aha Khaled try to get a feel on the low aha

        • FaboLoso

          lol I don’t blame em..bitch sexy as hell and she’s natural, no plastic shit like most these chicks

      • Matt Leon

        Lol ditto. I was checkin out the ass and the hips more than anything else XD

        • FaboLoso

          Real shit bruh! I’m more of a ass/thighs fan than titties

    • HotlineQueef

      took the words right out of my dick

    • You mad huh?

      Not all heroes wear capes.

    • Craig

      I was just thinking, she always wears shirts like that. All you have to do to see them tits is be around her. Like how can you just hang out and kick it with her when you looking at nipples the entire time.

  • kushxchevys

    Add me on xbox yall kushxchevys

  • Food4Thought

    Only people complaining about Rihanna being “fat” are bitches that got asses like cutting boards and tits like clementines

  • You mad huh?

    yep id definitely get her pregnant.

  • Astronaut

    Im ya Rude boy Rihanna

  • locodon

    DJ khaled and new work with RIRI; gotta wait & see
    Riri’s new shape; Delicious. Grown woman bod. LUV it

  • d1gord

    How is khaled not staring at the titties?

    • Matt Leon

      Lol check out that first pic. It’s clear to see even Khaled couldn’t resist that peek lol.

  • LordJiggz

    She looking great, those fat shaming bithes be hating

  • BluntBruhs

    *hits blunt* what do you mean she keeps curves?!?!? its not like she can say “here hold these hips and extra sexy thickness while I take this pic”

  • BluntBruhs

    smoking on blunts the size of RiRi thighs, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Im Rick Flair high

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    I think she looks better, she can got damn get it.