Rihanna and Azealia Banks Are Going At It Over Donald Trump

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  • Black Hippy 47

    What illiterate fuck wrote the title

  • bawse

    That escalated quickly

  • Seren

    Azealia Banks hoping the puller of pussy in chief has a record company or wants a free meal at one of his Chump towers

  • HotlineQueef

    lol at riri finally showing that she has a unibrow but just shaves the middle strip. fuck you butt hole

  • HotlineQueef

    also im finally starting to realize this azalia banks bitch is the only black woman i would fuck because she hates he own kind as much as I hate them. but dont get me wrong im not racist i hate everyone equally. would really hate to be called a racist meow

    • The Waniak

      ‘I Hate Black People But I’m Not Racist’
      – Retarded Racist

      • HotlineQueef

        i tried to be civilized but fuck you nigger

        • Diego Montana

          Failed just like your momma’s abortion

          • HotlineQueef

            sounds good

  • iDONTFuckWitU

    Azealia Banks one of them girls you just need her to choke on a dick to shut her up.

  • bushay914nyc

    Lol this cunt banks iss still alive?? Damm i thought her stupidity would have killed this racist bleached tranny looking oaf foh omg shut the fuck up bitch is a waste of life frfr

  • LoveBoat2smooth

    First time that bitch made sense in her life

  • Samisback

    Wait wasn’t Banks against Trump herself? If I remember correctly..she compared him to Hitler, now she all of a sudden supports him…this bitch is just attention seeking as usual.

    • Worldwide Intentionz

      She’s one of the confused ones she was talking about smh

  • HotlineQueef


  • stephen washington

    I’ll give it to her, she does know how to stay relevant. If they talking about you, whether positive or negative, in entertainment, that’s all that matters, they’re talking about you.

  • yolkipalki69

    Lmaoo this is so funny, artist who made it yet so dumb at the same time…. stay in your lane which is not politics……… like there is nothing to outraged about. There is no such thing as Muslim Ban , that is just anchors in the media expressing through those terms what they feel from reading / viewing area from where immigration ban is taking place. It the document itself if one is to read, not a single thing is said about Muslims ( you wont find that word), second mostly directing to enforce law that have been there for years, thirdly you are creating division through followers about something you are 1000% wrongs on factually. Its one thing to feel this way and say you feel like this is a muslim ban, thats fine you 1000% right , but opinion and feelings should be provided as disclaimers… otherwise you are spreading false information….. Like say what you want but let people know its just your opinion based of no knowledge about it other than biased media….. Take the document and read it to see that outrage is nothing but staged for those who dont read the document themselves.

    • Matt Leon

      Whether the document said muslims or not might be debatable but what isn’t debatable is the fact that people who went out to visit other countries outside of the U.S are realizing now that for a set number of days, they are banned from coming back here.

      • yolkipalki69

        Well as you can recall in recent year, those who were citizens were radicalized when they went to visit one of those countries came back and shot up our citizens….. On more than one occasion. This is temporary until a process that will ensure highest vetting where we can be satisfied that the person that is let back in safe for us….. it happens to be that today we are battling radical Islamic Terror, does not mean all Muslims are radical… absolutely not… but to halt a faulty process to fix it up so that ….. Extra screening is annoying, dreadful , insulting and other things, but if it keeps us that much safer …. one should undergo this for the good of the people of this country.

        I was just annoyed that they call it Muslim ban, which it is not factually. No document can be provided stating that it is that. It is just labeled that by people who are ill willed and sour about the new POTUS. Only ban is on Sirya that is permanent right now. Also Obama did the same thing , he had 6 months band on Muslim country and that was ok?

        • Myleage

          I applaud you for not being swept up in the fervor. but there already is a vetting process in place. it takes about 18 months from start to finish and longer if you are coming from a country with war and where known terrorist groups are hiding at. what is a 90 day ban going to do?

          The US only lets 2% of the people who apply go through with the vetting process and only half of those are admitted. Nothing in life is foolproof. a citizen can go postal and decide to blow up a school for no reason. The vice president may decide to kill Trump out the blue. of the refugees we take in, how many commit crimes? im not saying to let EVERYBODY in, but a lot of people is claiming that the current system lets in mass terrorists when that is not the case.

          • yolkipalki69

            @Myleage @Supreme Trunks….. I agree with both of you for the most part. In terms of vetting process now…… All major agencies on record testified to that 18 month vetting. They all said that is not adequate to properly vet anyone coming in due to lack of communication with some nations and such as Syria records are destroyed and there are no for some coming in. So in the 18 month vetting for person who has no paper trail trying to come in while all our agencies on record under oath also said that there are known insurgence withing refugee coming in but we dont have proper tools to pick them out…….. that is why there are bans right now all for some period longer than another and one that is permanent which is Syria where most coming in have no paper trail to vet…….. ban is there to buy time for those agencies with other leaders attempt to come up with extreme vetting. If they dont you will see extension to the temporary ban. This is to buy time to come up with something that works and our FBI, Home Land and CIA can be happy with, which is opposite right now for them.

            The online situation of people getting radical are all monitored as were the ones that killed many here. They were even under investigation by FBI in both SA and Orlando but fell through the cracks , which was on the hands of FBI. These things are not solutions but means to one, as leadership changed so will the approach. They only asking for time with the bans to come up with something that works. But if they can , those countries are beat for some time until something if found. Im all for equality , peace and helping those in need. But not at the risk of my safety or others around me.

            Its just hard to explain it to many when major networks rework facts for those who depend on their reporting. After their mind is set with false info , showing them the truth nearly impossible.

          • Myleage

            if Syrian records are destroyed or hard to get, how will “super vetting” procedures help? the current system can be adequate enough. If there’s not an adequate enough paper trail, then the answer is no.

            if people still protest this, then those protesters should be allowed to have these refugees in their home and be required to provide for them.

          • yolkipalki69

            Well i agree with you, hence the ban right now…… people dont understand that the ban is a tool used to stall the process until we figure out in the new leadership how to handle these missing records of people trying to get in…… i think those people are beat for now, sadly…. but this is not our fault and we should no compromise our security because some of us are extremely sympathetic. Even if they agree to take them to their house and take full responsibility. Once they kill and that person goes to jail who vouched for them, those lives are still lost and could have been prevented…

            BTW if you notice the page deleted us from the comment section. So we can only see it through this Disqus thing.

          • Myleage

            lol wow i did not notice that. smh

        • Supreme Trunks

          I’m glad you’re actually analyzing this and not just speaking from hate and fear. But with that let’s not forget that people BORN IN THE US also become radicalized by reading propaganda posted on internet sites by ISIS. Let’s not forget how many of our own citizens committed atrocities from things they read online. Only way to prevent that then is to censor americans which may in turn push more people into radical terrorism because they think the US is trying to control what they think. N I believe there is already a vetting system in place like @Myleage said.

  • “Azealia Banks took some time out of her regular schedule of chicken sacrifice…”

    lmao don’t ever change, hip hop early

  • Myleage

    anyone knows what Banks said? its been removed…