Rick Ross’s Comments About Having Sex With Women Rappers Gets Backlash

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  • TwoToolyWoop

    Facts I’ll B The Same Way Ross Is…….These Niggas Gay……

    • Astronaut

      M.O.H. is basically what he said in a polite way.

      • Poopmaster

        Haha polite

    • CDot


  • Supreme Trunks

    I think the people on Twitter confuse “forced” and “attempt”. I think Ross meant he would attempt to smash and be distracted not put something in a girl drink. BUTTTT I gotta agree with homie. I’d keep my hormones in check if her face and rhymes is bringing in big dollars.

  • This is why people lie so much these days you say the truth and get crucified

    • Astronaut


    • Poopmaster


  • HotlineQueef

    lol Renzel is a boss fuck these fags and their bullshit. hes right though

  • BrodieThaGod

    They mad cause he said he would fuck a bitch a couple times if she’s looking good? What kinda boring ass life these people have that they take the time to listen to these interviews and then choose to get offended and spend their time bitching on twitter?

  • kushxchevys

    Thats the honest truth tho yall niggas whak

  • youknow

    lmao that dude said ‘he’d probz eat her too’

  • TKingLives

    I agree with him.



  • Food4Thought

    Shit at least he’s being honest..When I first met my girl in college we became study buddies through a class we had together..To keep a long story short, the other day she told me the only reason she wanted to partner is cause she wanted to fuck the shit out of me..Now if I was one these fake outrage buffoons I would’ve kicked her out and told her to never talk to me again

  • Martin Molina

    Don’t apologize Rozay. People might not like it but never apologize for saying the truth. However he should’ve dodged the question. If it were me, I wouldn’t have answered, I woulda swerved that question. haha.

  • Matt Leon

    Why did what he said make people mad? He didn’t say that if he did sign a female artist that she’d have to let him fuck, he said that if he signed a female artist and she looked good, it would be tough for him to keep from trying to get with her. People was legit misinterpreting the shit big time. His verse from UOENO is hard to argue but what he said here is pretty innocent. It’s not sexist, he just doesn’t want to compromise his professionalism.

  • Poopmaster

    I’m reading this shit and I’m like wow that’s some real ass shit, then I scroll down some and I read all the backlash thinking damn this world is getting more and more sensitive. True, that’s some shit you say to your boys and not for erryone, but that’s some real shit anyone who act like they don’t have those thoughts they lying.

  • Craig

    Cosby life

  • Craig

    Don’t blame Ross blame these hoes for fucking the game up.