Rick Ross Said He Squashed Beef Between Meek Mill And The Game

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  • gas pacc

    Succa shit

  • YoungPrime

    Yeah, Meek wasn’t trying to fight game anyway (You know, despite all that hood/street shit he claim).

  • Hans Clauelle

    Anyone looking for some green, hmu.
    Get plugged (6.6.1) 7.5.0-

  • Astronaut

    Ross nobody gives a fluck

  • Johnny Doe

    Just glad no one died

  • Stacy Rich

    I have Quality Actavvis Sirop And Pain Pillz on deck
    Prospective Emcee’s only
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    Mail..backonmagrind@gmail. c o m


      slit your wrists please

  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    -Hours later

    Game: Nah fuck that rat, black lives matter tho

  • Youngflaco

    Soooo the only Casualty somehow ended up being Beans??

  • Jules

    That fat nigga sweatin damn.. Someone get mans a towel.

  • 100squad

    And you know what they had to celebrate the occasion? Rozé…
    That is all…

    • SkidRow


      • SkidRow

        Could’ve been Effen lol

  • tommyfilmore47

    All three of em together ain’t ever gonna see no billion. Why tf rap gotta be so fake nowadays.

  • bushay914nyc

    Cornyy ass bullshit ..but glad i got to hear some bars an lyrics which the new young niggas are too stupid to come up with and dress gayayaeeee