Rick Ross Reveals The Name Of Meek Mill’s New Album

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  • SkinnyN1gga95

    The real fans already knew the name a month or 2 months ago. And they know Dc4.5 has been cancelled. Stop playing HHE, you always bring news from his IG, so you should know all about his upcoming album. SMH

    • 100squad

      Yea but he should have played off that Meekend Muzic & called it Meekend At Millie$…

  • bawse

    how you 30 with a kid and still chasing dreams

    • Imventing

      How he chasing dreams if that saga ended. the name of the album clearly speaks for itself. If he still using that term he’s clearly representing his label, so your sarcastic insult was irrelevant.

      • bawse

        you sound like TI

        • youknow


        • Imventing

          lmaoooo okay then.

    • So I assume your financially set with no car note or mortgage

  • Ratchet God Rep That Cap Life

    nigga keep pushing meek and wale, but honestly i hear better music from fat trel and gunplay but them niggas never be promoted