Rick Ross Responds After Birdman Threatens Murder

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  • Rich blackman

    Wayne ain’t going to see that money because Birdman Sandusky spent it. He was kiss Wayne in the mouth before he was 18. Thats a pedophile. He manipulated Wayne with some money and gifts. Image if Wayne walked away years ago? He would be worth 300 million easy

    • imaginationsequation

      People still downplay and ignore they was kissing. Tried to make it seem normal

      • Rich blackman

        That’s why Birdman wanted to make the album with R. Kelly so bad. Birdman like teenage boys and Kelly like teenage girls. Them niggas was going to be on tour doing all kinds of wrong.

        • imaginationsequation

          That’s hilariously phucked up lol….

        • Johnathan Dough

          LMFAOOOO you win the internet today.

        • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

          Nigga I’m FUCKEN dead

          • Rich blackman

            Birdman sandusky cant be left in the studio alone with no youngstas. Niggga be like hey playboi how bad you wanna be a starrr? When that nigga rub his hands its like that same twinkle faggots got in they eyes when they see something they want.

  • imaginationsequation

    Don’t kno why I’m thinking of the time 50 cent walked through all them dudes he was beefing with at one of them award shows…..thats rite, cuz nobody gonna do nothing to birdman. Well except talk, dudes love sounding tough, girls go harder

  • SkidRow

    Lol bro I swear ever since that went down I been on a gotti run

    • Da Truth

      Righttt. ..the nicca say he got the Juice…funny thing Dolph say he hit the baby mama. ..gotti countered it
      My ex was a waitress so I gave dat hoe a tip,
      My ex fuc d a lame now she working double shifts
      Too funny

      • 100squad

        Alot of em, aint gone get none of that…
        He had that MVP face on when he wrote that.
        One of my fave is that song he got with Pusha T sheesh it was brutal

        • Da Truth


  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    we all know birdman not gonna do anything same with ross these niggas a rich not worth it at all

  • Daniel King

    Lol birdman is a joke one of the worst rappers ever threating murder lol yeah right as the fool would say put some respek on my name lol what a fucking idot

    • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

      To quote afroman “now Manny fresh is really fresh, and juvenile I like his style, but the worse rapper I ever heard man is the wack ass mother fucken birdman”

  • SlimJuve25

    so gotti a real one cause he put money on someone’s head, shit from what i understand everyone does that shit, only difference is gotti don’t feed his boys an they’re the only ones hungry enough to go get it, nothing gotti should be proud of, he’s a fuck boy lost all respect for the dude

    • Da Truth

      Nall Gotti a real one cause he said it and did it unlike the rest of the so called street niccas yall admire. I respect any man who live by their word…I don’t care if it’s street shit or if u say I love my wife and I’ll never cheat, if you do what u say ad any man I respect it. And maybe these other niccas can learn a thing or 2 fr Mario, keep ya dogs hungry enough when the time comes they ll bite

  • Leekluv216

    Well at least Ross mentioned him by name. He should get some credit for being direct. RIght?! lol

  • Daniel Palmer


  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Rick got the balls to be straight up about who he’s talking about and to when he diss them.

  • so an ex cop is threatening a bird of a man who kisses men on the lips…WTF