Rick Ross Makes A Play For Martha Stewart On ‘Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party’

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  • ChiTownT

    She was nice when she was young, she looks good for 75, she got a stupid bag, she can cook and most importantly when she got jammed up she kept her mouth shut and took her time like a G. Martha can get the D!

    • Craig

      She earned it.

    • Supreme Trunks

      bruh I was eating

      • ChiTownT


  • fillmo

    Hell yeah her money would be worth it cause she gon bread after I break her ass with my get busy tool

    • Spookeysmoker

      Get busy tool ain’t hear that in forever lll

      • fillmo

        Yeah I had a throwback moment LOL

        • Spookeysmoker

          lol I miss them days man

  • Trabiscayne

    Clowning but yeah why not haha

  • Spookeysmoker

    Ask me if I’d hit Martha shit ain’t gotta ask me twice Martha or back page hmmm I’m go with the cooker and the bitch never told during her bud

  • Poopmaster

    She aight…..but who dat sexy lil mocha honey anyone catch the name ?

  • dat dude

    LMAO when Martha told Rick basically you ain’t got enough money.

  • dat dude

    She was worth 2 billion b4 she went to prison. Still got 300m.

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    That was awkward