Rick Ross Claims To Have Squashed The Meek Mill-Wale Beef

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  • ImmoveableForce

    Meek mill a “boss” though nigga looking like a lil bitch. Sit the fuck down meek. Your master has put you in check

  • Fank DeBlasio

    Rick Ross is a bigger clown then Meek LMAO!!!!

    • Tony

      Str8 up fraud

  • Fank DeBlasio

    He compared Meek and Wale to MJ and Lebron……STOOPPP IT OFFICERRR RICKKKYYYYY

  • Funnyasfluck

    Controversy sells & meek mill bitch ways pays off his hoe ass feelings goes VIRAL all the time how many reposted that rant tweet exactly!!!

    • fmt136

      It’s not selling tho. He fucked up his career so much the last few months that a lot of ppl that were fans are really not fucking with him anymore.

      • Funnyasfluck

        When I say sells I mean people spreading it like a virus I know I seen it all over IG & FB that rant he did then magazines pick up the story then it hits newstands and people buy it funny to me I laugh everytime then the next day Im sorry Wale my bad

      • CeeTwo Smith

        That’s lie …. Can’t believe yal chose this gay ass light skinned rapper over meek mill … That shows how many bitch niggas in this world

  • John Best

    I don’t like any of these rappers. They are all weak af.

  • Leekluv216

    Let me find out Reality TV realer than Rap Music, please say it ain’t so. MMG = WWE

  • XLR8

    Rick Ross squashed Meek Mill & Wale’s beef by falling on it.

  • fmt136

    Wale might as well just leave MMG at this point. It’s ran its course.

  • Funnyasfluck

    Can’t bring a pencil to a ISIS Fight……I mean Gunfight!!

  • It’s Better This Way

    Wale should drop from that label and be on his own he’s good enough.

  • Robert Mata

    Ross is going to say what ever to make is artist look good. It’s all for the media

  • Tony

    You ask me he didn’t diss meek he just spoke his mind


    Smh don’t make gangsters like they use to @meekmill a fucking bozo….

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