Rich The Kid Calls Out Older Rappers For Being Intimidated By Mumble Rap

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  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    Of course people listening to it. The world as a whole has overdosed. Doesn’t make it classic music though. Ten years from now, check that, ten months from now nobody will be listening to it. It has no longevity because no one knows the lyrics

    • LatarionMilton

      Well said. Lyrics dont stick because we cant understand them, and I cant even tell the difference between these dudes. Only reason I know the difference between rich the kid and famous dex is because of worldstar, had it not been for that I wouldnt have known since they’re both women beaters .

    • Dave

      Thank you!!!!!! Omg i couldnt have said it better… its almost like that dude is defending trash before the world labels it trash…

    • 100squad

      Shit he ain’t even rapping & I still couldn’t understand what the hell he was saying.

    • kaos

      why does it need to be classic music though?

      that’s a rhetorical question. it doesn’t need to be. for every “classic” artist you niggas namecheck – there’s 20 artists who suck that y’all niggas loved. y’all made bow wow rich right?

      rich the kid is right. what kind of idiot spends their time listening to music they hate? you niggas. that’s the definition of hater – actively searching for shit to hate. Go fire up your cd players and reminisce… damn.

      • Herbz 4 Breakfast

        Did you mean to comment to somebody else or are you retarded? Regardless, I’m going to recommend laying off the Starbucks. You too crunk. For one, who is “yall”? I don’t speak chinese. My opinion is my own. To answer your rhetorical question, no it doesn’t have to be classic to get played. However only classics get played over and over years later. Rich The kid is garbage. Sorry. And I never fucked with Bow Wow, where the hell did you get such luxurious crack from

        • kaos


          only an idiot spends this much time on shit he hates. wow.

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            That’s right bitch, you better write back. Lol, that’s what I text my bitches. AND GOOD TO KNOW YOU LOVE ME, my ninja. Time well spent

  • dhusu

    mumble rap is trash rap therefore you a trash rapper. it’s nothing to do with “intimidation”, people everywhere just wondering how the fuck everybody is supporting your shitty ass music

  • Alexandre Fournier

    If you mumble rap it means you arent saying anything that matters.

  • Astronaut

    Seems like a majority of New Atlanta niggas killing the game.

  • Jake Barnes

    We’ll remember a mumble rap track here and there, but most of these dudes will go the way of D4L.

  • Moondog

    Lil UZI Vert / Lil Yachty = Trash new artists musically. Not lyrical at all. Horrible voice but had enough connections to get into a recording booth. Claims they are hating if they dont like his music, pour excuse for sucking at rhyming. Without social media no one would know these fuck boys names, and there music would never reach masses.

    Tech n9ne = Most talented and lyrical artist next to Kendrick and/or Lil Wayne – yet out of the mainstream because most people do not understand intellectual rap. Most people cannot keep up with the wordsmith and or creativity put into this kind of music.

    Conclusion = Most people that listen to rap are ignorant and/or Most people that listen to rap are not intelligent. Hence why trash shit is more popular than good lyrical rap. More dumb people in this world than smart.

    Get it together rap, or face extinction.

    • cmac

      i dont’t give a fuck about your taste in music. i like what i like. stop forcing people to like your shit because niggas dont care

      • Bruh 954


    • Dave

      Thank you!!!!!! Its for the kids.. we all grew up and reflected music into our way of walking, talking, and goals .. wtf kind of goal comes out of a clown ass starbust lookin taste the rainbow mother fucker like lil yachti??? That mother fuckin couldnt try harder to “look different”

  • RealTalkin

    Even when you do hear the lyrics they saying dumb shit.. damn drug addict music . He who controls the youth controls the future- Hitler … Those record labels is pushing this b.s there are smarter youth out there that’s real things to say than.. flex gas gas gas.

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      Nobody wants to hear what anyone else has to say in their music anymore. If i want knowledge ill read a book. I like to get high n vibe to music, not study it

      • Michael

        Your actually wrong. How can you speak for the billions of people on this planet? Everybody has there own taste. Based on your comment your not a hardcore music fan and don’t know shit.

        • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

          If ppl wanted to hear it, it would sell.. Duh. Today more ppl in the us would rather listen to future than nas

          • Michael

            i’m not talk about the us. i am talking about music in a world level. i’m not from the us if that’s what your thinking. people in canada don’t really listen to future or nas.

          • Michael

            and how would you know what sells. are you the one counting every single record sale?. even old music sell. look at the beatles there 60’s and still making mad money from there music to this day. i bet you any money artist coming out won’t make it to beatles status. look at tech n9ne as well he don’t even have to be mainstream to be well liked by people. just because your mainstream doesn’t mean its the best just means it a fade. the underground music scene is there its at where nobody is controlling your music content.

  • Hed Furst, III

    DJ Vlad on that punk shit.

  • Whats funny is they’re talking about rappers whose names are STILL RELEVANT 10, 20 Years after the fact. Something their no talent ass ain’t gonna be. 10 yrs from now nobody gonna remember this hot trash…

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      Young thug n future will be remembered

      • ShaneM34

        Only to be used as examples of this era of trash mumble rap

      • They got good AGENTS, not talent…Music industry man…Record company agents makin phone calls to each other, wonder why they pop up on features all the time?

      • Herbz 4 Breakfast

        You forgot to finish your sentence. Let me get the assist. “Young thug n future will be remembered for making hundreds of garbage tracks”

        There you go

    • Dave

      God damn you motha fuckers on this site are intelligent, Thank you!!!!

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Right, you member Tupac? I member. Member Biggie? I member Biggie. Member Real Raps, I member real raps

  • Hed Furst, III

    Its not about the $$$… you fuckin up the culture…

    • Bymynishus

      Like DJ Shadow’s track on Endtroducing… “What’s wrong With Hip Hop in 1996”. The only lyrics are, “It’s the money.” A lot of people do believe it’s about the money and they’re in control of the industry and the artists.

  • Hed Furst, III

    No Vlad thats not what its about… that what you made it…

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Count Vlad is like 666 years old, what’s his opinion worth?

  • stfu officer

  • JazBandz485

    dey just ya flunkies rich kid brush em off u still making money off dem

  • Ghostface-

    these new niggas got some sort of mental health issues, i swear to god.

    listen to this niggas vocabulary, he can’t even speak properly. we’ve let down our youth fr.

    • Dave

      Right, my girlfriends 9 yr old lil bro said the only song he knows is timmy turner by desiigner… bro, the only song i knew at 9 was its a hard knock life by jay z.. he deserves better…

  • Mike Donovan

    The whole label of mumble rap is corny and derogatory. another example of inner racial hate. This is the way people talk dialects and the most fan non music lovers debate this shit. people ouside of the east have always rapped like this. its so corny. east coast complaining about diction in black music like their british aristocrats. if it was blues or soul you wouldnt say shit. The best rap is neighborhood rap. That shit you make all night and get in the car listen when the sun come up blowin dro. Now people get paid off that shit. industry hated in 80s and 90s because labels were here in nyc and they could block. but had it been nationwide this would have always been the case. NY mindset is hatin. Whether it be rap blues rnb or rock. the southern and west sound which south too because of migration will always get shine because its not about perfect diction and bars. feeling not break beats and bars

    • Bymynishus

      I see it like the label of “Mumblecore” films for a certain type of hipster independent films. It kinda fits, but it’s also derogatory. Nobody really has the right to dictate taste, but on the other hand I doubt a lot of people will be bumping this stuff in 20 years outside of their hometowns.

      Also, there’s a lot of really shitty blues and R&B out there. It’s just that nobody puts it on the radio… in fact most FM stations don’t give a shit about those genres entirely… and that’s part of the problem. There’s no new fans and new money in it so the industry doesn’t care.

  • leatherface

    mumble rap better than the 90s era

    • Mike Donovan

      strongest argument especially openness and pushing boundaries musically in terms of textures

    • Dave

      Noticeable lack of upvotes haha

  • Rhovon Anderson

    I personally like rich the kid out of all them niggas stop hating. Just don’t listen to it you niggas sound like a room full of bitches….


    i love this fags like look at ma watch look at ma rings,,lol niga,, homless man on da streets now days have dem rings n blings u talk of,,,waste man this guys sounds like he has no education,, n hes mumbleng even in his interview waste mon

  • raj

    Taste in music is completely subjective. What one person likes is not going to be the exact same as what someone else likes. When it really comes down to it people are going to listen to what they think sounds good. Sitting in Datpiff comments calling these young men trash isn’t going to change the opinions of the millions of people that listen to their music.

    Music and the culture that surrounds it changes with the passage of time. Young people will always listen to something different than the status quo. The self-proclaimed musical critics I hate the most are those that compare every rapper thats ever wiped his ass to Tupac and Biggie. Even in their own era they were completely different people, and to desire the creative imprisonment of a new generation because of your own thoughts and feelings makes you a 2-dimensional fool.

    Personally I like listening to some of the music that these young guys put out, although the whole “trap rap” thing is getting pretty old.

    • Dave

      Dude.. you sound worse than the guy we all makin fun of for defending this corner dumpster juice mumble jumbo pots and pans ramblin man garbage

      • raj


        • Dave

          Ohhh, I get it. you write a glorified opinionated novel on how 2 dimensional people compare mumble rap to intellectual rap but then its not alright if I wipe the glass of your thesis with a few sentences? Right. P.s. sweet upvote backing, the people are loving your recent book…

          • raj

            I’d just like to point out a few things about your comment then I’ll leave you to your day. I’ll be writing these in a list because I’m a bit strapped for time at the moment:

            1) First you say that my comment is “glorified” then subsequently point out its lack of votes. Interesting to say the least.

            2) I don’t think that that comparing music is 2-dimensional. If you were astute in your reading of my comment you’d realize that the statement I made was meant to disparage those who would hold future generations to a culture that (to be frank) will never be the same.
            ALL music derives from the same roots and draws inspiration from a myriad of sources.

            3) You said “… then its not alright if I wipe the glass of your thesis with a few sentences?” First of all, I heaven’t read ONE sentence in your initial response. Second, if you think that your first comment is analogous with the analysis of a thesis, you’re daft. Purely because of the lack in thereof a thesis.

            There are a million points I could make about the fact that you even bothered to respond in this manner, but I’ll save myself the effort. I would have loved to have an intelligent discussion about this topic because I feel as though it’s one that affects a lot of people.

            Why does the younger generation gravitate towards this specific style of music?
            Why does the older generation discount those that they (in all honesty) helped create?
            Why does the subject matter of hip hop music revolve more and more around drugs, crime, and sex?

            These are questions that are worth discussion, and you just blindly calling a man that’s more successful than you garbage just proves my point. Have a good day.

          • Dave

            hahah, just got done reading your second book hahaha what a delightful read…allow me to put your silly ass back into reality for a second their “Dr. ten-dollar word” .

            1. “because I’m a bit strapped for time at the moment” ….Was this before or after you wrote back to back novels?

            2. “my comment is “glorified” then subsequently point out its lack of votes”…..What would a glorified opinion have to do with the lack of people agreeing with you? I AM VERY INTERESTED IN YOUR RESPONSE HERE Dr. ten-dollar word

            3.”If you were astute in your reading of my comment you’d realize” “to desire the creative imprisonment of a new generation because of your own thoughts and feelings makes you a 2-dimensional fool” <—–that's your comment right? Seems awful judgmental of people against YOUR GLORIFIED OPINION

            4."if you think that your first comment is analogous with the analysis of a
            thesis, you're daft. Purely because of the lack in thereof a thesis." A thesis is an extremely long document written to describe the mastery within a certain field that you have acquired. The only form in which your comment is "analagous", Dr. ten dollar word, to a thesis, is it's length, whereas factual supporting evidence is void…

            Please, make sure you tip the waiter goofball…

            oh p.s., if you want to have any form of conversation , intelligent or not, dr. ten dollar word, than you might want to consider approaching the table with a neutral stance, instead of the "2 dimensional fools that dont understand my glorified opinion without any supporting upvotes one…"

  • Land of the Dread Heads

    WHO, WHEN, WHERE, I haven’t heard unless 25 is old then I guess…..these niggas are lame ass weirdos, they some scary ass hoes, they real tough with security and entourage in between them, watch their YouTube videos and you’ll see how tough they are.