Rich Homie Quan Could Face Charges For Child Endangerment

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  • Baby Money

    clown ass rap niggas

    • Phillip Narcisse

      Pussy ass internet nigga

  • Que nY

    Quan takin a major L on this one…even if your a fan you gotta admit…no explainin this even if it was a cigarette would still be a L

    • Phillip Narcisse

      That’s his kid fuck you and child services

      • Que nY

        Shut ya dumb ass up you a clown for even thinking this is a cool thing to do…you probably smoke crack infront of yours…you can see his son clearly has a fuckin contact of the weed fuckin idiot

        • xnoxes

          its not cool….but its not endangering the child either. You can chug a bottle of jack in front of your kid and they cant do shit about it. As long as he isnt forcing his child to smoke it…

          • Que nY

            I hear you on the part you can drink in front of your kids all damn day with no problems… That is a good point…I’m a weed smoker myself you just never want kids around even if they’re not yours

          • Jade Powell

            Ever heard of a second hand high?

          • xnoxes

            ever actually read any scientific report on a second hand high? or even second hand smoke? you one of them dumb niggas that go “my parent smoke cigs when I was in the room I’m going to die of lung cancer” lmfao

          • Jade Powell

            Lol funnyass nigga

          • Jade Powell

            because weed inhalation doesn’t adversely affect kids at all

        • goodz

          Niggas kill me they care about a rapper smokin in front of they kids but when people u know do it u aint commenting on social media.


        Damn quan thats how u feel when you rich?….homie?

      • #Worklife

        Philip not fukkin around


      “Getting on tha gram loud and son in my hands trying to get sued sued sued sueddddd” “another track a rape in it, after I said I never did it trying to loose loose loose loooooose

  • Mike

    Stupid everything don’t belong on the internet leave some shit personal

  • DuecesWifey

    #duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rappers get a lil money then get dumb as if they above the law. Now come back down Homie

  • Rhymeschemin

    If it wasn’t a rapper everyone would be mad at him. But he’s rich so y’all on his dick

  • BigHomieLight

    Losing Isaiah pt 2?

  • 100squad

    Dumb homie quan

  • mike

    if u think this is okay?? ur probably a shitty parent too

  • poppy magooo

    He’s gonna be in family Court like ‘blah blah blah blah

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Nacy Grace coming for your ass my nigga!

  • Anthony Flores

    Good. Dumb MF! Shit nothing wrong with smokin a lil kush but not with your baby on yo lap, and recorded? Mentally retarded motherfuckaaa

  • Cody Radford

    If weed wasn’t illegalized by money mongering fiends then no one would give a damn about this. Open your eyes people.

  • Maya

    I guess he thought since he blew it away from his child its okay. In no way is it okay. That child is still experiencing second hand smoke. This is a big ass L.

  • yung

    I would never do this. but hey thats just me.

  • K.F.L.imperfection

    chil endangermeant ha ha ha weed aint never hurt nobody atleast it aint a goddamn rock or alchole yall nighas is always tryna fuck up somebodys life fuck the govermeant

    • Anthony Flores

      Ur stupid af

  • rayho559

    Thats was a stupid thing to do….smh