Report: Rihanna Hopes Nicki Minaj Gets Warning About Drake

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  • 100squad

    Drake hoes know the routine, Get Picked, Get dick’d & when the # change that’s it.

    • Je’sus


      • The REAL


    • Myleage

      actually, it’s the other way around…Drake the one who get in his feelings and the girl just want the D.

      • 100squad

        Can you thro the people an example of this?

        • Myleage


          • 100squad

            Can’t use that 1, cause she currently acting salty asf…

        • Myleage


          • 100squad

            Im not sure any of us really know what that situation was,..but can all agree we are happy at what its not…

          • Myleage

            lmao. Serena was never attractive to me…she look like a wrestler

          • 100squad

            Shit I agree, she the only 1 that beat him at something & made him tap out…

          • 100squad

            Yea you got me there, …

        • Myleage


          • 100squad

            Bet she (Taraji) can’t hit him on the horn no more just like Madonna or Cher…

        • Myleage

          The girl from the Hooters on Peachtree St. in Atlanta

          • 100squad

            Everybody gotta read that 1 in Drake voice haha

    • You mad huh?

      all first verse….all first verse

      • 100squad


  • SlimJuve25

    i think rihanna got it wrong, drake is more like a blocker whenever someone moves in on an ex if you can call nikki that drake trys to move back in, you can say he does it more to compete but i see it more as a blocker, he doesn’t really want nikki just making it hard on nas, might be a plan with nikki to test how far nas will go to get her

  • King T’Challa

    This is the same thot that said “Didn’t i tell you i was a savage” lol

    • AmazingLilBastard

      Translation “Yeen know i was a Hoe”

  • Astronaut

    Bet Rihanna has 5 songs in the vault pertaining to Drake

  • kushxchevys

    Lol fuck it a nigga gotta do what a nigga gotta do!! Who ever disagrees is sus

  • Mec-One

    Dude simps better than he raps …… smh

  • FaboLoso

    she doesn’t have to worry about that because she’s fucking nas, drake will forever be in the friend zone..she treats him like her gay friend.


    This man probably just trolling Meek Milly in Philly with all these Nicki vibes…. but if he is smashing, the man has hit J.Lo Rihanna and Nicki, all within a year. He essentially the WWE Champion of life for those moves

    • AmazingLilBastard


  • AmazingLilBastard

    Anyway, Rihanna just mad cause she got bodied by an R&B nigga

  • Tristan Ptwodahillips

    Don’t drake and drive lmao

  • Allen Smith

    Rihanna got the same body count as drake doesn’t she?

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    I just wanna see Drake say something about Nikki, and Nas say something back and a good Drake & Nas beef unfolds.