Report Reveals How Many Z02s Big Baller Brand Sold First Day

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  • Rome

    Shit 150k would be enough for me rn

    • HotlineQueef

      well who knows how much they put into making it with warehouse and production costs. as long as it dont lose $ then its good. also these are like 1 day of the shoes lol. im sure some people are gunna save up for them

      • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

        Nigga, dont come on this bitch tryna make a post that makes sense. The only thing you allowed to post is some shit with the words bitch, pussy, fag, dick, or asshole in it…Try to post something else logical and im flagging your ass

        • HotlineQueef

          fuck my ass nigger

          • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

            more like it….lol

        • Johnny Digits


    • Myleage

      depends on how much he spent in total…he still millions in debt I bet…good for him though

  • John Doe

    What a joke. Love watching these assholes fail

    • ChiTownT

      You love watching someone else fail? Damn! Although the dads an asshole, that line completes your authentication as a complete hating ass bitch nigga

      • John Doe

        U a bitch

        • ChiTownT

          -reply from a nigga that truly has no reply

          • Ahchoo3

            Reply from a typical white guy

          • ChiTownT


          • John Doe

            dats u

    • CO Killer

      You like watching people fail because you yourself are a failure at life so you want people to be just like you

      • John Doe

        Good one

  • «《2ryte2drive》»

    They can keep them Booty Bugly Bullshit shoes ill cop a fresh pair of Js over those anyday

  • bawse

    You can make up the invoice number to have it sounds like more were sold. Easy. You can also make up the “left in stock” number. Websites do both of these things all of the time. I doubt he sold more than 40 pairs.

  • Spookeysmoker

    Them sneaks not ugly to me but I don’t like wearing ball shit for causal lay but I’d grab a pair for my son or daughter

  • Je’sus

    Shoes come out nov. so he dies lose he’s doesn’t them waiting to be bought he just creates as they buy. ( no refund)

  • Peter Kushing

    This nigga aint even played a pro game yet and he’s gettin all that for some shoes that look like some And1 walmart shit? You know how many hood niggas can prolly hoop as good or better than this dude lol?…

  • No way in hell something you walk in and get dirty is supposed to cost that much. And if you’re the type who collects shoes, what’s the point? You can’t take them with you when you die. Eventually, shit like that ends up in landfills holding no significance than being nothing but trash.

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    Of course nobody bought them yet..Who gonna buy a shoe from a guy who hasnt even played one nba game yet? Ppl trying to clown him, but logically only a dumbass would buy a lonzo ball kick when he hasnt even played…Who got those new Ben Simmons? Nobody

  • Mike Donovan

    You niggas are hos for hatin on this black man who went independent and sucked no white dick…. sign of theho ass times is confirmed. Commentators, blogs and message boards filled with those that call themselves real but jumped on the wagon to hate on that black man

  • CO Killer

    I wonder how much research ya’ll do when Nike or adidas drops a shoe but nah, ya’ll wanna turn into inspector gadget when the loud black man do his own thing smh

  • Tino Panama

    So there’s a guy from that sight who’s job is to say nuh uh, yall only sold this amount?! His life really sucks

  • thisguy

    NOPE. I’d rather wear Shaqs.