Report: New Eminem Album Coming

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  • BeenASavage


    • Sevenwinters6summers


  • Ghostface-

    fuck, he making music with 2chainz

  • ☆Scorpion – Kombat Gang(KG)☆

    I thought Nas album was done.Where is the album?

    • Whitedude

      Been waitin on that shit for a good minute.

    • Je’sus

      Bruh I was in high school we he promised it. It’s been 3 fucking years. Korea gone strike before nas shit drop

    • Smooth Guy Chris

      Wait and see lol

  • Sevenwinters6summers

    Eminem give it up.

    • ☆Scorpion – Kombat Gang(KG)☆

      -Lil Uzi fan.

    • Andrew Trevillian

      ^^ born after the year 2000. STFU boy.


    Travis Scott & Quavo supposed to drop? Also maybe Kevin Gates… isn’t his wife or something finishing it up?

  • d1gord

    Top 3 with Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift not bad

  • Andrew Trevillian

    GOAT. Cannot fucking wait.

  • Bill Jansen

    Lol click bait an race type shit i see …mah im good on the downgrade of his category and today’s bulshit he is not nevermind this is stupid

  • Daniel King

    Hope this album will be a classic was not feeling mf2 hopefully nas drops this year as well

  • yolkipalki69

    last 2 albums were trash….. i dont think he has it anymore….if its anything like the first Marshall Matters…ill be mad pumped…but if its all that yelling again….just dont.