Report: Drake Still In Cash Money Contract, ‘View From The 6’ Gets Him Out

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  • MyNameIsNoBody

    LOL you don’t even hear Birdman on the beef i think that mufucka knows he got this shit on lock.

    • Blindeye123

      Your one dumb mother fucker. Birdman taking out loans to remodel his house. Nigga broke and just stalling by not paying anyone until he can rebound. And by loosing his bread winners, don’t think its going to happen.

      • MyNameIsNoBody

        you are the dumb mother fucker,how can he be broke if he is paying anyone

        • BuyEmAnWearEm

          he isn’t payingg anyone thats why all this shit is goin on Birdman bout the be done

          • MyNameIsNoBody

            yeah thats righgt birdman cant be broke actualy

          • NoSmarterthan4yrold

            The fact you can read and write is amazing. I know dogs smarter than your ass. Instead of using the money netted from his label Birman blew it leaving him with no capital to pay people. He only pays people after court so he can pro long the time to scape up the money. Once the lawsuits start piling up matter of no time Birman will file bankruptcy.

          • MyNameIsNoBody

            You are just dumb or you know shit about birdman.How could you even think he is broke actualy.

      • OhYouDidntKnow

        You don’t hear shit from Birdman because the paparazzi only follows “rich” people

        • MyNameIsNoBody

          Nope they follow famous people,you are telling some bullshit out here.

    • thrachee

      Frfr It seem like birdman is staying away from cameras and media over all because he doesn’t want to say something cocky and it turn on him. He is about to lose/lose if these artist take off on him. Without the artist, I don’t think you have a company.

      • MyNameIsNoBody

        That right too!!!!

        • hell ya that right fuck yall talkin bout

  • YUNGshoota187

    drake gona miss takin that dick from birdman that fuckin fagget

    • mr_nobody

      Why are you so fascinated with the idea of Drake taking dick from Birdman? We’re just concerned about his music here — nothing else. We don’t want to hear about your fantasies and your twisted imagination.

    • MyNameIsNoBody

      Yeah go fuck yourself you must be some sort of gay

      • mr_nobody

        And who are you to be quick to defend him, his boyfriend? So wait, you think I am gay because I am asking him to stop discussing dicks and male rappers having sex with each other on a hip hop forum? You’re on the wrong kind of forum then. Look, I’m not sure what both of your obsession with homosexuality is but I think maybe you’re confused with yourselves. You don’t need to question anyone else’s sexual preference, but yours and that is honestly all your business. I’m straight but I don’t have anything against what your preference may be.

        • MyNameIsNoBody

          You must be fucking high or something im not even talking to you,look well to the one i replied.Now lets get to it,Go fuck yourself.

          • mr_nobody

            Actually, I was high the entire time when I was responded to all of your messages lol = (

          • fuckurlyfe

            Myname is nobody u tru faggot dem niggaz ain’t gay u the one gay fuckin talkin about dem

          • MyNameIsNoBody

            I don’t understand your bullshit ,who is dem niggaz ? Me talking about who ? LOL

          • MyNameIsNoBody

            Oh i get it ,you must be YUNGshoota187 on another account,still talking about your homo shit?

  • Josh Hayes

    funny to see Birdman is coin the same thing now he did to B.G. back in tha day

  • FuckAllThis

    Every time I see an article about Birdman, I just know somebody is going to reference the faggotry in the comments….As far as I’m concerned, all them niggas gay. Birdman, Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, and Young Thug. Drake ain’t gay, he jus emotional as hell. He the type of nigga that saves his tears in a jar, so he can show the world how much he’s been hurt
    …. SMH, rappers these days

  • Josh

    Drake just needs to sign wit Hov at RocNation, all around a better label.

  • CHiLL