Remy Ma Declares Herself The Best Female Rapper Ever

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    this bih must have a album dropping soon

  • YKokoM

    Like remy who?!

  • Anonymous

    Finally the rap battle we been waiting for
    Remy ma vs nicki minaj

    • poppy magooo

      -no one


    I would rather see a battle between her and 3D’natee!!

    • The mainstream aint ready for people like 3d’ Natee tho. Sadly theyd rather Iggy


        a damn shame tho! Glad somebody know about 3D tho. lol

  • seandonjuan24

    i Gotta agree. Remy got bars. She had them back in the old TS days but i aint nothin hard from her in a few years now. She def got Minaj and Iggy on the bars tho

  • yung

    Honestly this is tough .. truly tough. So Imma have to break it down:

    In terms of realness – Remi Ma


    Im too lazy to analyze the rest so someone help me out lol

  • Us Kzar

    She ain’t fuckn with Nicki on her best day

  • R.Tyler

    It’s great to be confident and She has bars make no mistake but best EVER? mmmm don’t think so,

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Snow Tha Product will give Remy & Nicki that work.

  • ilikemusic.

    Rapsody would rap circles around these hoes

  • Knatty Dreadlox

    Hell, Raw Diggs better than Remy