Redman Says ‘How High 2’ Could Come in 2017

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  • Free wop

    Thank God cuz we needed another stoner movie the last Harold and Kumar movie was wack they only smoked one blunt in it

  • Craig

    They should have done this a long time ago. Now we have to explain to the youngins who Method Man and Redman are and then explain why the sequel is kind of cool if it happens…..Ten to twelve years ago this movie would be highly anticipated.

    • gØØη™

      Well, not too much. A lot of young actual hip hop heads do their research. They gotta at least know who Meth is if not Redman.

      • Chilly Will

        Hopefully for the sake of the Wu lol

  • deethedon

    Them boys working into they 50’s they cant go back to college in this one

  • Just Los

    aaa high school for me man graduated in 07

  • Just Los

    saw the movie in high school when it came out. used to smoke all fkn day back then. 10 years later we still iinnnnnnn bitch. hahaha just reading this shit brings back memories… dayhm them yrs are FLYING by mannn