Ray J’s Manger Wack 100 Rip Kanye West Over Putting Ray J In ‘Famous’ Video

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  • E-go-tis-ti-cal

    Niggas payin wack good to bodyguard them huh…

    • Devin

      that’s all this nigga do….probably extorting the shit out these niggaz

    • that dude

      Why Ray J need a bodyguard, again? What the hell has he done lately?

      • E-go-tis-ti-cal

        Ray J a square

        • that dude

          Big time.

  • The King Of Armageddon

    point made. period.

  • Anthony Mitchell

    sad ass niggas lmao. the only ammo is that he slept with wife years before they were married -_-. im sure my gf slept with other niggas before i even met her lmao thats life aint it?

    • Leekluv216

      Aint it?!… That’s just the way shit goes sometimes. He acting like he hoe’d Kim out, nicca Ray J was Ye before Ye. That was his boo, they were in a relationship for years! lmao

    • Andrew Shepherd


    • he made a sex tape…. with his wife… ray j made that bitch famous!!! lmfao


    Real talk kanye bodied ray j and Taylor swift I mean how in the fuck would you come up with this this is some Machiavelli type shit look at how angry and disturbed they are talk about getting in someone’s head.

  • Devin

    Wack extorting the shit out these niggaz…..

  • ilikemusic.

    Wack 100 is literally Suge Knight 2.0. I feel bad for all the bloods he turned into entertainers. I bet they wish he’d just leave them alone by now. Him n Birdman gotta be best friends

  • Diff1

    Ppl attach themselves to other mfs past to sray relevant

  • black adam

    lol damn you see how the niggas just laughed it off and then ray j and the other female got emotional. its just in they nature yall.

  • BrodieThaGod

    Catching feelings over a hoe from 10 years ago

  • Chicagoan

    Chicago streets dont claim Kanye stupid ass, mf was born in ATL anyway. And this wack nigguh need to shut the fuck up with his irrelevant ass. Ask him about how him and the game and they whole bitch ass clique scared to come around this way but yet talk all that shit bout how they get down, smh lame then a mf

    • Chicagoan
    • Ye’

      One of the best rappers to come from the chi

      • Chicagoan

        Mf read my comment again, these streets don’t claim that fuck nigga AND he was born in ATL. He can claim it all he want to real mfs know what it is and better yet, what it ain’t

        • Ye’

          Well let chief keef be the spokesperson for Chicago then

          • Chicagoan

            Cuz they the only 2 from here? fuckin dumb ass nigga smh

      • kayne cant rap

    • TTreeTTop

      Wack 100 a real Piru tho

      • Chicagoan

        Supposedly, game is too and he was standing next to him, he said they was too scared to touch down on some hoe shit. By the way, we dont honor that blood/crip bullshit round here at fuckin all, not gonna find 1!

        • TTreeTTop

          Yea i seen that lol Game probably still scared of Durk or he tryna get out of goin to court

          • Chicagoan

            Fuck court when u got bread, kinda hoe ass nigga admit he scared to pull up? Then pop big shit like he aint admit he and his boys shook? THEN, a buncha phonies behind him co-siginin the fuck shit??? Game been a fraud but he aint the only rapper that dont come around this way. Ross wont do it. Shit goes down every day, more than a few times

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    why did ye put him in the video? you acting like ray j brought her up outta nowhere

    • Ye’

      I thought it was dope that he did that

      • dope? its weird and suspect… so yeah.. its a kanye ,move

        • Ye’

          its art

          • its some shitty art. backed by a shitty song.

            all made by a shitty artist.

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  • Akhenaton

    ray j’s mixtape is fire tho

    • – Deaf People

      • Serendog


  • YoungPrime

    The fuck is dude so disgruntled for? Because “I hit it first” bombed.

  • Je’sus

    Man The game does make music with Pablo Wack a1 body guard tho

  • Howard Brighton

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  • kanye just made a song about making people famous… ray j made kanyes wife famous by fucking her a releasing the video… and you dont understand why they talking about kim??

    step ya game up

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