Ray J Goes Hard At Kim Kardashian In New Track ‘Famous’

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  • Je’sus

    10 years ago bro

    • BROOKLYN_ Boi _1Da

      Word, no cares but his lameo self

  • Leekluv216

    LMAO HOW?!…HOW do we keep ending up in this same place?! We get it bro, you fucked her! Its ok bruh, you can wash ur dick now.

  • yung

    i see he took the meek mill approach

    • ChiTownT

      We see you took the lame nigga approach

      • yung

        we see you took the took the time out of your boring life to respond approach

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Ray J ass about to end up in the news next for coming at kk.. Ye’ ain’t crazy neither they just trying to shut him up by reprogramming him….

  • Astronaut

    We all seen this shiit coming. But from reading them bars he dissed the fuck outta them

  • Aaron Pettigrew

    i guess people about to clown ray j for talking about kanye since he in the hospital? or does that only apply for kid cudi?

  • Effen

    Ray J still living in the past

  • BigMike

    nigga didnt he already make a song about that bitch

  • Anthony

    I love that Ray J is taking shots at these bitches.

  • BROOKLYN_ Boi _1Da

    Perfect timing!! 10 years ago though ,son son

  • YoungPrime

    Once again if that “I hit it first” single didn’t flop he wouldn’t be so bitter with KK’s success. .Not a fan of the Kardashians’ but let’s have some perspective here. Ray-j clearly wasn’t a fan of Mase making the same type of songs about Brandi was he!

  • beans,greens,potatotes > this song

    • YoungPrime

      You named it.

  • yolkipalki69

    that family is cursed…….. Athletes see decline after them , one almost died. Harden was MVP caliber and disappeared in playoffs. French Montana is falling of also after Khloe no real good songs out of him , though he moved on. We got Olympic gold Medalist who underwent a sex change lmaoooo…… only man in that family is married to a stripper who has a kid with his little sisters boyfriend…… WTF is up with that family!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY < THEY ARE CAREER KILLERS…… NOW KANYE is in the mental institution for evaluation lmaoooooooo ……….. only they would be able to get Kanye like that …… We as society need to shut this fam down…… LOOK AT SCOTT, he was a sharp dude before the fam now he a junkie ……. they are the devil

    • yolkipalki69

      Arguably only Ray J came out on top from ALL THE GUY THAT RAN THROUGH THAT FAM!!! EVEN HE GOT SCRATCHED.

  • The new hit single from Ray Jay, “Ya Girl Had My Dick In Her Mouth” of his new album, “My Dick In Yo Girl Mouth” from his new label “My Dick In Yo Girl Mouth” Records!!

  • Peter Kushing

    Can this weak ass nigga do anything without having to bring that chick’s name up?